Mühlhäuser’s first fully electric Service Vehicle the MSVe successfully completes first Job in the Netherlands

Mühlhäuser’s fully electric service vehicle MSVe successfully completed first job (Photo: Mühlhäuser) Mühlhäuser’s fully electric service vehicle MSVe successfully completed first job (Photo: Mühlhäuser)


In December 2018 the first fully electric Mühlhäuser Service Vehicles (MSVe’s) successfully completed their job on the Victoria Boogie Woogie Tunnel which is part of the Netherlands newest infrastructure project the Rotterdamsebaan.

The Rotterdamsebaan is built in order to deal with Den Haag’s increasing traffic problem and keep the city easily accessible for both locals and tourists. This was to be built as environmentally friendly as possible, making Mühlhäuser’s newest invention, the MSVe, the perfect fit for this job. Mühlhäuser’S MSVe is the world’s first fully electric service vehicle for tunnelling and convinces with zero emissions, superior efficiency and safety compared to traditionally used diesel or diesel-hybrid service vehicles.

The two fully electric MSVe’s built for this project consist of two vehicles each and were used to supply the tunnel boring machine (TBM) with mortar and segment rings for back filling. Mühlhäuser Service Vehicles combine the flexibility of trackless equipment with the handling capacity of a train – making them effectively “a train on rubber tires”. Not to forget a train that is entirely powered by batteries with a permissible total wait of 180 t. Even under full load, speeds of up to 25 km/h are possible while the vehicle still moves with only 68 dB across the site and without any emissions.

The extremely flat design, with all drive, control, and steering components already integrated, makes it possible to use the entire vehicle length as loading space for mortar segments or to install additional add-ons such as mortar boxes, cranes etc. ensuring maximum efficiency with every trip in and out of the tunnel and therefore boosting working speeds.

After – usual for prototypes – initial starting difficulties were cleared up, the two vehicles ran without trouble and even proved so effective that the other tunnelling equipment used had to be upgraded, since it was initially not prepared for such a fast segment delivery.

Another reason for this impressive working speed is the use of state-of-the-art battery technology, allowing full charging from 0 to 100 % within 30 minutes, meaning the vehicle can be fully charged while being loaded with segment rings or mortar, making the exchange of the batteries entirely unnecessary. On the Rotterdamsebaan construction site this was proved, as the vehicle was often charged to 100 % before being even fully loaded.

A touch panel inside the cabin provides the operator with all the information needed to control and steer the system safely. In addition, a number of other safety features have been installed: for example, side sensors which slow the vehicle down or stop it before getting too close to an obstacle, cctv cameras providing the operator with a full all-round view of the entire vehicle, tyre-pressure monitoring systems which constantly monitor the pressure of all tires and more. It is also possible to control and drive this smart MSVe from outside of the cabin using a remote control, a tablet or a PC. Another option would be to run this high-tech vehicle completely autonomously.

In December 2018 boring of the tunnels was completed and within 2020 the new road is expected to be opened.

Mühlhäuser is proud to see its newest invention complete its first Job with such a success and is looking forward to the change this product will bring to the industry.

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With a history of more than a hundred years Mühlhäuser is one of the world’s most recognized brands for machinery solutions under ground, with a leading position in rail-bound and trackless transportation, belt conveyor systems as well as equipment for concrete, grout and related applications.

Source: Mühlhäuser GmbH

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