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New Genoa Bridge: fifth Deck Section installed, fourth on West Side

Schools, universities discover “urban bridge”


The new Genoa bridge is gradually taking form with the installation of the fifth section of the deck, bringing to 250 m the combined total length of the structure so far. This latest section was installed on the west side, making it the fourth to be set in place on that side, bringing the total length there to 200 m. The first section of 50 m was recently placed on the east side. The pace of the work continues unabated for the Pergenova joint-venture between Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri on this crucial link between Genoa with France. It is the first part of a plan to turn the port and the surrounding area into a greater commercial hub.

The fourth – and latest – section on the west side was raised between Piers 7 and 8. Weighing 609 tonnes, it was flanked by two side covers. It is next to the central section of the deck that passes 100 m above the Polcevera River.

As Pier 11 is being completed, parts of the remaining piers are being assembled on site on both the east and west sides. There will be 18 piers in total.

As an “urban project”, its design takes into account not only the infrastructure itself but also its relationship with the surrounding environment. In addition to the technical aspects of its construction, the rapport that the residents will have with the bridge was also considered. In this regard, Spazio Ponte is a meeting place as much as it is an information point. Dedicated to the project, it is a place for people interested in learning more about the technical characteristics of the new bridge. Young visitors can also measure themselves against digital reconstructions of the bridge, practice in the laboratories, immerse themselves in the construction site with images taken by drones. Students from schools and universities learn about the world of infrastructure with guided tours together with Pergenova technicians. In recent days, a visit by students from the civil engineering faculty of the University of Genoa had them learn about the details of the project as part of an initiative by Salini Impregilo to promote civil engineering. For children, there are the visits belonging to the "Le Scuole PerGenova" project, created in collaboration with schools in Genoa to raise awareness about the construction of the new bridge.

Source: Salini Impregilo

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