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Norwegian Data Analytics Software to smarten Predictive Maintenance in the Oil & Gas Industry Featured

Dietsmann Smart Labs, French-based 'New Tech' branch of energy industry veteran Dietsmann, has selected Norwegian Data Analytics specialist Arundo as its partner for a breakthrough development in the Predictive Maintenance of industrial plant. Dietsmann operates and maintains Oil & Gas and Power plants for major national and international energy companies in over 20 countries. The company has successfully pioneered Predictive Maintenance as a way to maximize output, save costs and achieve more sustainable performance by improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

Arundo's advanced machine learning and data analytics software ‘Marathon’ will be utilized to provide accurate and timely warnings of imminent equipment failures. Avoiding unplanned downtime increases asset availability, extends equipment lifetime and reduces maintenance costs. Improved planning and execution of maintenance activities also lead to more sustainable operation of industrial installations.

"Anomaly detection and failure prediction are crucial to substantially optimize operations and avoid costly standstills."

Strategic Partnership

Dietsmann sees its alliance with Arundo as a strategic partnership to enrich its services with an Integrated Predictive Maintenance software solution. Arundo's Marathon delivers continuous analytics and failure prediction models, on premise or in the cloud, through a user-friendly interface tailored to the operator's needs. Dietsmann considers anomaly detection and failure prediction crucial to substantially optimize operations and avoid costly standstills, and to prevent safety and environmental risks.

The collaboration between Dietsmann Smart Labs and Arundo is an important step forward. Dietsmann’s experts present on local sites will be able to read and translate Marathon’s insights into technical recommendations and actions, potentially saving their clients millions of dollars for each incident predicted and prevented.


Dietsmann Smart Labs is the Dietsmann Group New Technology entity dedicated to identify, develop and test technologies that will subsequently be used on Dietsmann customers' sites. It is working on Maintenance Engineering, Process Digitalization, Remote Support, 3D Model, Failure Prediction and Task Robotization. Dietsmann is a major international maintenance company with 40+ years of experience in the energy industry and is a leader in Advanced Predictive Maintenance Technology.

Arundo, founded in 2015, is an innovative software company, developing software which helps to solve the many challenges of deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions in the heavy asset industries. Through a practical and value first approach, Arundo helps its clients to deploy analytics solutions efficiently in a way that can be scaled effectively across their organization.


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