Orica and Elphinstone celebrate Australian Innovation and regional Jobs

Orica and Elphinstone today celebrated the successful launch of the new Bulkmaster 7, an Australian designed and manufactured mobile manufacturing unit that delivers bulk explosives to mine sites.

Orica’s new Bulkmaster 7 was co-developed by Orica and Elphinstone and is manufactured in Burnie, Tasmania.

Orica Group Executive and President, Australia Pacific & Asia, Darryl Cuzzubbo, commented, “Orica is a global leader in blasting innovation, and we’re proud that our investment in technology is translating to new jobs in regional Australia.

“We’ve combined Orica’s expertise in blasting and knowledge of our customers’ needs with Elphinstone’s manufacturing know-how to create the next generation in explosives delivery system technology. That’s delivering improved productivity to our customers, a clear competitive advantage for Orica, and thanks to Elphinstone, new jobs in Burnie”.

The Bulkmaster 7 has been designed to increase safety on site and lift customer productivity through increased flexibility and delivery rates for bulk explosives. It is also fully integrated with our BlastIQ enabled smart control system technology, Loadplus, which means our customers can achieve greater precision and efficiency in their blasting.

The Bulkmaster 7 is being introduced to customers across Australia that have the most to gain with the first two units starting operation at Fortescue’s Solomon mine in the Pilbara earlier this month.

Source: Orica

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