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Orica partners with Government to reduce Kooragang Island Site Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 48% Featured

Orica has announced plans to install an Australian industry first tertiary catalyst abatement technology EnviNOx at its Kooragang Island manufacturing plant. The technology is designed to deliver up to 95 per cent abatement efficiency, reducing the site’s total greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50 per cent.

To accelerate Orica’s progress towards achieving its 2030 emissions reduction target, the $37 million Kooragang Island Decarbonisation Project will install proven nitrous oxide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions tertiary abatement technology at its Kooragang Island plant from 2022, with commissioning in 2023.  

To facilitate the project, the New South Wales Government’s Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program will co-invest $13.06 million, together with Orica’s $24 million financed by a 5-year debt facility provided by the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The Clean Energy Regulator has also approved the project as eligible to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). 

Viewed as a long-term aid for emissions reduction in high-pressure nitric acid manufacturing plants, the tertiary catalyst abatement technology utilises catalytic decomposition to destroy nitrous oxide emissions. Nitrous oxide, generated as a by-product of nitric acid production, is the primary source of GHG emissions at the Kooragang Island facility.

Source: Orica

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