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Pöyry presents Results of Feasibility Study for first Waste-to-Energy Plant in Chile

Last year the Regional Government of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago de Chile and the Ministry of Energy awarded a feasibility study to Pöyry and EBP, whose objective was to determine the technical, economic, social and environmental viability for the installation of a Waste-to-Energy plant in the Metropolitan Region. The main objective was to explore better ways to manage municipal solid waste, including power generation. The assignment results were presented at an international seminar held on the 17th of January 2018 with Pöyry as the leading engineer and with the partner company EBP Chile.

The study included a characterization of the solid waste generated in the Metropolitan Region and an analysis of the different technologies available, a technical-economical-environmental evaluation of pre-selected technologies, and finally a perception study of the general public and a first action plan. The study demonstrates that it is feasible to develop a plant of these characteristics in Santiago, subject to certain conditions.

For decades, Pöyry has been providing services for waste-to-energy throughout the value chain, with worldwide references of more than 150 new plants and major rehabilitations or extensions of existing schemes. This experience has now been applied locally in Chile with a connected project team of experts from Switzerland, Germany and Finland.

"We can experiment with new technologies that allow us to make smaller plants in more urban places without polluting, and most importantly, creating an added value such as energy" explains Claudio Orrego, Regional Governor of the Metropolitan Region of Chile.

The study will be available during the first quarter of 2018 and was developed by Pöyry and EBP.

Source: Pöyry

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