QRC: Resources Sector backs strict Covid-19 Protocols to fight new Outbreak

The resources sector will continue to follow strict Covid-19 protocols in the wake of the lockdown of 11 LGA’s in Queensland to protect employees and regional communities from the virus.

Queensland Resources Council (QRC) Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said the safety of employees and resources communities has been the sector’s highest priority since the Covid pandemic began last year.

“Our industry is in regular consultation with the Queensland Premier, Chief Health Officer (CHO) Queensland Health and the Department of Resources to make sure everything possible is being done to keep resource industry workers and the communities they live and work in safe,” he said.

“Our sector has gone above and beyond expectations by implementing even stricter guidelines and protocols than requested by the CHO, an effort which has been recognised by the Premier and the CHO.

“We’re extremely grateful that so far, we’ve not had a single case of Covid transmission at a Queensland resource industry site, but we will continue to be vigilant.”

Measures underway in the resources sector to protect the community from Covid-19 include:

  • Companies are only moving FIFO workers from the 11 locked down LGAs where it is essential to keep operations working.
  • Companies are carrying out health checks and temperature testing staff at the QRC’s facility at Brisbane Airport prior to workers flying to regional areas, and before entering workcamps and worksites. In some situations, rapid testing (RDT) is being deployed as an extra measure.
  • All workers who have left SEQ since 1am Friday are observing lockdown protocols at their destinations and are isolating in their accommodation when not at the worksite.
  • Face masks are being worn at all times when travelling, and on the worksite where it is not unsafe to do so. Social distancing is practised in the workplace wherever it is practical to do so.
  • Wherever possible FIFO work teams are being separated from local workforces in the workplace.
  • The resources industry is deemed an essential industry and employees are going to work with full permission of the Qld Government, CHO, Qld Health and the Department of Resources.
  • The industry is in regular consultation with the CHO, Government and its departments and travel to and from worksites is performed under a strict set of protocols which exceed those required by the Qld Chief Health Officer.

All on-site cleaning is performed in accordance with the protocols laid down by the CHO. Companies have COVID Safety Plans which cover these processes and comply with directions and protocols.

About QRC

The QRC is Queensland’s peak body for coal, metal and gas explorers, producers and suppliers across the resources sector. It contributes one in every five dollars to the state economy, supports one in six Queensland jobs, supports more than 15,000 businesses and contributes to more than 1,200 community organisations – all from 0.1 percent of Queensland’s land mass.

Source: QRC

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