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Rope up at Oyu Tolgoi Mine Shaft 2 in Mongolia completed ahead of Schedule

View from the mobile friction winch onto the horizontal deflector sheaves with incoming ropes (Photo: Siemag Tecberg) View from the mobile friction winch onto the horizontal deflector sheaves with incoming ropes (Photo: Siemag Tecberg)

Oyu Tolgoi is a large copper and gold deposit in the southern Gobi Desert of Mongolia. The mining complex is operated by Oyu Tolgoi LLC. Copper ore is mined both open pit and underground in the medium term.

Oyu Tolgoi consists of a number of ore deposits that contain copper, gold and silver, with over 80 percent of the total value of Oyu Tolgoi being underground. The plan is to develop an underground mining complex in which the ore is extracted using the Block Caving mining technology and transported to the surface for processing. 31km of lateral development has been done to date in Oyu Tolgoi. Up to 200 km of tunnels are planned at depths of up to 1,300 meters to allow safe mining of the deepest parts of the Oyu Tolgoi ore body.

Use of the latest mining technology

Block caving is an underground mining technique in which an ore body is undermined so that it can gradually collapse under its own weight. The collapsed ore mass falls into a pre-constructed row of funnels and access tunnels below the ore body. The collapse progresses upwards through the ore body.

Comprehensive equipment and rope handling know-how supplied

Siemag Tecberg has supplied extensive equipment to Mongolia for the roping up of the ropes and for the subsequent rope-changing procedure at hoisting systems in both production and service hoisting in shaft 2 of the mine: One 6-rope mobile friction winder (completely mounted on a trailer), one 6-rope clamping and lifting device (CLD), one 1-rope clamping and lifting device, various horizontal and vertical deflector sheaves, eight compressed air cable winches, eight auxiliary winches, as well as various aids and accessories for rope handling.

The Siemag Tecberg team, consisting of employees from various subsidiaries, together with employees from the mine, was once again able to prove that safe and efficient rope laying with Siemag Tecberg rope handling equipment is possible on the basis of an efficient preparation (in May 2019) and well thought-out process organisation on site. In addition, the rope laying of both hoisting systems was completed in July/August 2019 a few days before the planned end date. During this project, ropes with a total length of approx. 24 km were laid in cooperation with the Oyu Tolgoi LLC team.

Source: Siemag Tecberg

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