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Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri ready to start Bridge Construction in Genoa in Italy 10 Days early

“We are ready with Fincantieri to start work on the underpinnings of the bridge 10 days ahead of the scheduled March 31 date because Genoa must return to work again, offering a future to all those workers who can find a job on work sites dedicated to the construction of infrastructure.

The cutting of the first piece of steel marks not only the first step in an important project like the bridge, but also a chance to show that when there is a vision shared by business, government and local entities, Italy is also capable of overcoming paralysis and creating jobs, beginning with the development of infrastructure,” said Pietro Salini, Chief Executive of Salini Impregilo, on the margins of an inaugural ceremony at a Fincantieri Infrastructure plant where first piece of steel was cut for the construction of the new Genoa bridge.

“In this sector, we have fallen far behind other large industrial countries. In recent years, we have lost more than 600,000 jobs in a country where youth unemployment exceeds 30%,” added Salini.

“The infrastructure sector can help jump start a recovery in the labour market. To do this, we need to invest and overcome our differences. And we can do it, as shown with the first steel-cutting for the bridge, respecting the deadline set for any project. The Genoa bridge can set an example for this new way of doing infrastructure, become a model in which the government, local entities and business work together to give citizens essential infrastructure, create jobs and economic development in the shortest amount of time possible. It can be a model to be applied on every work site, from the smallest to the biggest – and not only in response to tragedies such as the Morandi bridge.

If we want to restart the economy, create jobs and modernise our country, we need to recover our desire to do things, starting from infrastructure such as the Genoa bridge that can represent its rebirth.”

Source: Salini Impregilo

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