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SaskPower to buy more Renewable Electricity from Manitoba Hydro

SaskPower has signed a new term sheet with Manitoba Hydro that lays the groundwork for purchasing an additional 215 MW of reliable renewable electricity available for Saskatchewan customers.

“This clean, hydroelectric power represents a significant step forward when it comes to reaching our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2030. It’s also reliable baseload electricity, which we’ll need as we add more intermittent generation options like wind and solar,” said Mike Marsh, President and CEO of SaskPower. “Manitoba Hydro has been a valued neighbour and business partner over the years and this is a demonstration of that relationship. We look forward to seeing this through and continuing our work together.”

The term sheet lays out the framework for a power purchase agreement where SaskPower will buy 190 MW of capacity from Manitoba Hydro, with an option to purchase an additional 25 MW. A final legal contract for the sale is expected to be concluded by mid-2019 and in effect by 2022. The purchase agreement would last up to 30 years, allowing SaskPower to acquire hydro generation at a competitive cost when compared with other generation options. The exact financial terms of the agreement are confidential.

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to announce that we’ve agreed to a term sheet for this significant new long-term sale to SaskPower,” said Kelvin Shepherd, president and CEO of Manitoba Hydro. “We anticipate a final legal contract for the sale will be concluded in the next few months. The energy we will be providing to SaskPower is clean, renewable hydroelectricity currently surplus to the needs of Manitobans. This sale is a great example of two utilities working together to use Manitoba’s reliable hydroelectric resources to help SaskPower expand and diversify its renewable energy supply.”

SaskPower has two existing power purchase agreements with Manitoba Hydro. In 2015, SaskPower signed a 25 MW agreement that lasts until 2022. A 20-year agreement for 100 MW was signed in 2016 and comes into effect in 2020. This clean and renewable supply of electricity will help to meet a growing demand for power in Saskatchewan, and also help to diversify SaskPower’s supply mix over the long-term.

The sale will partially rely on the capacity provided by a new transmission line planned for construction between Tantallon, Saskatchewan and Birtle, Manitoba. It was previously announced in 2015. Additional transmission infrastructure may be required to move the added power.

Source: SaskPower

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