Applications of Solmax’s Geosynthetic Drainage Design Tool: Drainage Geonets & Geocomposites in Solid Waste Containment Facilities

Statement by the Gateway Development Commission on Federal Permitting Dashboard Update committing to Hudson Tunnel Eis Completion

"The US DOT’s commitment to finish the Hudson Tunnel Project environmental review by May 28th is the latest demonstration of the Biden Administration’s clear resolve to expedite the project and start construction as soon as possible.

For more than three years, the most urgent infrastructure project in America languished as the previous administration 'stopped the clock' on environmental review, freezing the dashboard in March 2018. Two weeks ago, Secretary Buttigieg testified that the review would be done by the 2nd quarter of this year. And today, US DOT’s public commitment to a completion date restarts the clock. Finally, we have a Federal partner who is backing up words with actions

With a Record of Decision, early work including property acquisition can advance, with major construction to follow, further moving the Hudson Tunnel Project from concept to reality.”

Gateway Development Commissioners:

  • Steven M. Cohen, New York Commissioner & Co-Chair
  • Balpreet Grewal-Virk, New Jersey Commissioner & Co-Chair
  • Tony Coscia, Amtrak Commissioner & Vice Chair
  • Jamey Barbas, New York Commissioner
  • Janine Bauer, New Jersey Commissioner
  • Marie Therese-Dominguez, New York Commissioner
  • Jerry Zaro, New Jersey Commissioner

About the Gateway Program

The Gateway Program is the most urgent infrastructure program in the country – a comprehensive set of rail investments that will improve commuter and intercity services, add needed resiliency and create new capacity for the busiest section of the Northeast Corridor (NEC). The NEC is the most heavily used passenger rail line in the country hosting more than 2,200 train movements and 800,000 passenger trips daily.

Source: Gateway Program Development Corporation

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