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Strabag modernising technically challenging Railway Section in the North of the Czech Republic Featured

  • Extensive modernisation of the bridge over the river Elbe near Děčín východ station and of the Děčín Tunnel
  • Contract value of approx. € 41.5 million
  • Project schedule: 23 months

Strabag Rail a.s., a subsidiary of publicly listed construction group Strabag SE, has been awarded the contract as consortium leader (89 %) for the modernisation of the 1.3 km long section of the railway between Děčín východ and Prostřední Žleb stations in Děčín in the north of the Czech Republic near the German border. The contract is worth around € 41.5 million. Construction, to be carried out in a consortium with local partner DT Mostárna a.s., is scheduled to start in August.

“As this section of the line includes two important structures – the Elbe bridge and the Děčín Tunnel – the work presents an interesting challenge from a technical point of view,” explains Thomas Birtel, CEO of Strabag SE.

Built in 1916, the 256 m long bridge over the Elbe River needs to have its original steel supports replaced. The 400 m long Děčín Tunnel is also being renovated. In the process, the stone vault will be replaced by a reinforced concrete vault over a length of 120 m. The contract also includes the construction of the new track and substructure, the overhead lines and a noise barrier, as well as work on the new track safety equipment and the communication system.

Strong presence in the Czech market

Strabag, one of the leading construction companies in the Czech Republic, is currently working on several railway construction projects in the country. Most recently, the company was awarded the contract for the modernisation of an approximately 9.6 km long section of track from Dětmarovice to Petrovice u Karviné at the border with Poland.

Source: Strabag SE

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