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Strabag SE celebrates 10 Years on the Stock Market

  • Strabag SE listed on Vienna Stock Exchange since 19 October 2007
  • Shares outperformed ATX benchmark index in 10-year comparison
  • Shareholders have been paid the promised dividend every year

Strabag SE, the European-based technology group for construction services, is celebrating 10 years on the Vienna Stock Exchange. On 19 October 2007, the company had placed 28,200,001 no-par shares in free float at a price of € 47 per share. Although the subsequent price development was influenced by the crises on the international markets that followed, the shares of Strabag SE managed to outperform the Viennese benchmark index ATX in a 10-year comparison. Last Friday, the shares closed at € 36.26.

“Continuously increasing the earnings – this is what the company can do to keep the shares attractive. And that is just what we’ve done: Revenue and earnings have grown considerably since 2007,” says Thomas Birtel, CEO of Strabag SE.

Dividend promises kept

The promise made to the shareholders at the initial public offering to pay out between 30 % and 50 % of the net income after minorities in form of a dividend has been kept in every year since the start. In 2017, a record dividend was paid out in the amount of € 0.95 per share. The average payout ratio of the past ten years was 38 % with a dividend yield of 2.6 %.

Award-winning informational policy

The shareholders welcome this sort of reliability. The core shareholders, consisting of the Haselsteiner Family, UNIQA/Raiffeisen and Rasperia Trading, have remained loyal to the company with constant shareholdings of around three quarters of the shares.

The free float of currently 13.5 % is held in approximately equal parts by institutional and private investors. Private shareholders have held a substantial share of the free float from the beginning – over 100,000 persons had a share in the company. During allocation, the private investors had been considered over-proportionally (26 %) to the demand. The group’s investor relations activities therefore are aimed equally at both these target groups.

In the interest of open communication with the shareholders, creditors, clients, analysts, employees and the interested public, Strabag SE places enormous importance on transparency. Important elements of this open communication are the quarterly reporting of Strabag SE, ongoing direct contacts with investors and analysts, the participation in roadshows and conferences, and disclosures and publications online, especially via the company’s website.

“Strabag’s continuous, exemplary investor relations work was recognised at the 2017 Vienna Stock Exchange Awards. Good communication and transparency attract attention – not only for the company itself, but also for the capital market. For this service, we say thank you and congratulate Strabag on 10 years on the stock market,” says Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

In the past ten years, the management of Strabag SE has met with nearly 1,800 representatives of institutional investors at over 1,000 meetings in London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, Warsaw or Milan, among others, to provide information on the company. Private investors have access to an IR hotline, and private investor roadshows with the CEO are a regular date on the corporate calendar.

Source: Strabag SE

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