Sweco to conduct Sustainability Transport Study and Project Management for Ghent-Dampoort in Belgium Featured

Sweco has been commissioned by De Werkvennootschap to plan and design the tunnel under Ghent-Dampoort, including redevelopment of the station environment and the extension of several tram connections. The contract value is EUR 14.3 million.

For years, the traffic junction at the Gent-Dampoort station in the north of the city has been one of the most dangerous places in Ghent and Flanders. In September last year, De Werkvennootschap, a department within the Flemish government, initiated the project to improve the situation.

Sweco will conduct the study for the Ghent-Dampoort tunnel, as well as for the construction of the 11.5 km tram line, including the underpass at Heuvelpoort and the redevelopment of six public squares. Sweco is also responsible for project management, accompanying studies and technical assistance, stakeholder management and project communication. The study is to be completed in the spring of 2024.

"Our assignment not only includes providing a solution to the often-dangerous traffic situation in and around the Dampoort area, it also includes a clear ambition to support people in switching from car to public transport and cycling. Our urban planners, engineers and traffic specialists will join forces and closely examine how improvements can be made to the quality of life, traffic safety and mobility in the area. With well thought-out design, we will ensure a much better flow of traffic, improve safety and ensure sustainable transportation that is of benefit to the citizens in and around Ghent," says Erwin Malcorps, President of Sweco Belgium.

Source: Sweco

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