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Global Mega-Projects for improved Infrastructure


Global trends such as urbanisation and the population growth are important triggers for innovations in the construction industry. We need to develop greater efficiency in construction processes in order to meet the challenges as regards infrastructure, especially in mega-cities. Infrastructure projects for the world of tomorrow are being implemented today using the expertise of Doka.


Doka Formwork at Hydroelectric Plant in Icy North in Canada


In the construction of the 824 MW Muskrat Falls hydroelectric power station in Labrador, Canada, extreme cold is a particular challenge. Temperatures as low as -40°C are not uncommon at the site. These conditions require accuracy and expertise at the highest level in terms of planning and implementation. To meet these challenges, Doka is providing the formwork solutions and is setting new standards with its innovative Concremote system.


Tunnel Formwork for "Place des Martyrs" Metro Station in Algeria


Foto: Peri

With a length of 144 m and a width approaching 23 m, the "Place des Martyrs" metro station boasts some very impressive dimensions. In addition, the entire 1.7 km long extension of the Algiers metro system runs under historic ground. For this project, an international team of Peri engineers designed economically optimized tunnel formwork solutions, tailored to meet the varying requirements.


System-based Formwork Project Solution saves Time and Money


The formwork and scaffolding solution provided for the construction of the new subway station in Seattle was the result of competent engineering and a project-specific construction kit system. In addition to the widest possible use of rentable Peri system components, the optimized construction method in particular ensured significant time and cost savings.


Doka-Power for Mega-Hydropower Station

Increased energy demand in Canada to be met with comprehensive investments into power station expansions. One of the major projects is "Muskrat Falls" with nominal generating capacity of 824 MW electricity from hydraulic energy. With decades of know-how in power station construction Doka will supply the integrated formwork solution for this undertaking.


Peri Construction Exercise 2014/2015

For the 10th time, Peri is organizing a construction exercise that is targeted at all educational institutions that offer construction-related courses. This exercise covers many different aspects of the construction business. The goal is to deepen the knowledge of these topics using hands-on tasks especially in concrete estimating and formwork technology.


PERI: Management Changes

From April 1, 2014 on, Dr. Fabian Kracht (35) will be the new managing director for Finance and Organization at PERI GmbH, one of the global market leaders for formwork and scaffolding.

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