Tunnel Rastatt: Fortsetzung des Baus der Tunnelröhren


Nach der Havarie im Bereich der Oströhre setzte die westliche Tunnelvortriebsmaschine (TVM) ihre Arbeit zunächst fort. Nach 3.672 Metern von Ötigheim kommend, erreichte die TVM „Sibylla- Augusta“ Anfang Dezember 2017 den Bereich vor der Rheintalbahn. Um ihre Arbeiten zum Weiterbau der westlichen Tunnelröhre zeitnah wieder aufnehmen zu können, fuhr sie im April 2019 in einen Wartungsschacht ein, wo sie für die letzten 200 Meter Tunnelvortrieb vorbereitet wurde.


PhD Candidate makes Waves at international Engineering Conference

“I began my research after questioning how, despite advances in concrete research, little has changed over the last years around the way we design and build our infrastructure”, Ioanna said. “Developments in nanomaterials and nanotechnology create many opportunities for developing truly biomimetic infrastructure with self-diagnosing and healing capabilities.”


Ground breaking Technology for top Hammer Drilling Monitoring

RockPulse™, a new technology and product introduced by Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, is the first practical solution for real-time tool stress monitoring in top-hammer drilling. The add-on system integrates directly with the rock drill and its control system, and can be used for drilling process optimization in varying rock conditions. This also helps to reduce the stress fatigue of drilling tools. RockPulse offers significant potential to improve overall drilling performance, by as much as 5 %.

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