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RWE to strengthen its European Renewables Business with Acquisition of 2.7 GW Project Pipeline

RWE wants to acquire the European onshore wind and solar development platform from Nordex SE with a total pipeline of 2.7 Gigawatt (GW) in France, Spain, Sweden and Poland. The developer has a strong focus in France, with an overall pipeline of 1.9 GW in various project phases. 15% of the whole pipeline is close to final investment decisions (FID) or in advanced development stages; 230 megawatt have secured Contracts for Difference (CfDs) or similar feed-in tariffs. The purchase price will be around €400 million.


EGEC: Carbfix and Eavor Geothermal Innovators of the Year

This year the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award 2020 was earned by the Icelandic Carbfix project and German company Eavor on equal merit.

The Carbfix process captures CO2 and other sour gases from emission sources, transforming them into rocks underground in less than two years. This overturns the common view that mineral storage in Carbon Capture & Storage projects takes hundreds to thousands of years. Carbfix has global scaling potential in and beyond the geothermal industry for decarbonising the economy.

Eavor’s innovation is a novel and scalable closed-loop geothermal system of several deep horizontal wells connected to vertical wells. This overcomes the limitation of deep geothermal systems, which normally rely on vertical single wells only. By running on thermosiphon, it also enables the geothermal industry to offer both a baseload and dispatchable energy source.


Nordic Mining: Keliber has been granted up to EUR 2.6M for the Development of the Lithium Project

Business Finland has granted maximum of € 2.6 million for the development of the Keliber (“company”) lithium project. Full redemption of the grant requires the company to implement a comprehensive development plan and to meet the financial conditions.The development and innovation work focus on to contribute that the company's process is sustainable and the end product reaches the quality standards set by the customers. The project covers the period 3 June, 2019 – 31 August, 2022.


Ciel & Terre in Germany: Floating Solar Plant on a Quarry Lake

This summer, a new European country adopted floating solar and chose Ciel & Terre’s Hydrelio solution: Germany. The country is getting interested in the installation of this state-of-the-art technology combining sunray and water. The solar array, located on an Ossola’s GmbH quarry lake and developed by Erdgas Südwest, was inaugurated earlier in the summer. It was, in the meantime, the inauguration of an unprecedented anchoring system on a FPV plant…


Geothermal energy consolidates its market uptake but much potential remains untapped

EGEC publishes its annual Geothermal Market Report

The EGEC Geothermal Market Report 2018 is being published today. This publication comes as the geothermal sector has continued its steady development. Core markets have continued carrying developments in geothermal electricity, large geothermal heating and cooling projects and deployment of small scale geothermal heating and cooling systems. Meanwhile, the use of geothermal energy has also expanded geographically with such milestones as the commissioning of Croatia’s first geothermal power plant during the year 2018.


DMT: There’s no e-mobility without lithium

Engineering Performance | DMT Battery Minerals

Electric mobility and the raw materials market: in this article Dirk Harbecke, Chairman of the Board, Rock Tech Lithium, explains how these are interconnected and reports on the collaboration with DMT on the Georgia Lake project in Canada.


Driving down the Cost of offshore Wind Foundations

The UK’s offshore wind industry has a big target to hit of reducing costs by 30% by 2020, based on the delivery of 18GW of offshore wind. Atkins has been working with a number of the industry’s leading players to drive down the cost of offshore wind foundations.


Germany’s Energy Turnaround takes new Turn


Vattenfall - 12/2013: After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in March 2011, Germany embarked on an unprecedented shift in energy politics: the German energy transition, Energiewende, put an end to nuclear energy and boosted renewable energy sources.


IEA: How to guarantee secure, efficient Electricity Supply while Decarbonising

New IEA publication presents solutions for a successful transition

Removing carbon dioxide from power generation is critical to limit global temperature rise to 2°C. That decarbonisation involves three major challenges: replacing ageing conventional power plants, shifting to renewable energy, and reinforcing and expanding the transmission network to adapt to new, decentralised and variable generation. But existing market designs and regulatory frameworks can make it hard to guarantee a reliable and efficient electricity supply during the massive change.


Alstom inaugurates its largest hydropower industrial site in Tianjin, China

Alstom’s largest hydropower industrial site was inaugurated in Tianjin, China on September 17, 2013 in the presence of Patrick Kron, Chairman and CEO of Alstom, and Jérôme Pécresse, President of Alstom’s Renewable Power Sector. With an investment of €100 million on this new facility, Alstom aims to further tap into China’s increasing hydropower needs and grow its hydropower business throughout the region.


AUFWIND: Sustainable kerosene made of algae oil - Production and utilization of algae-based fuels for aviation

In the future, aviation will increasingly count on biofuels. However, since - to date - only few raw materials exist for this area and since this industry has very specific requirements, biofuels have so far only been used in individual pilot projects in air traffic. The group project AUFWIND (a German term for up-current, or new impetus) is researching ways for algae production and conversion into aircraft fuels – in addition to the technical implementation, the focus is primarily on an economic and sustainable production of biokerosene. Fraunhofer UMSICHT is participating in this project with its analytical expertise in the area of algae extraction.

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