Teamwork am Tunnel des Nations in Genf

In Genf zwischen dem Uno Gebäude und Flughafen Cointrin baut das Groupement Marti Nations den Tunnel des Nations. Der Vortrieb hat begonnen, parallel dazu senkt die Solothurner Alwatec das Grundwasser ab. Am Südportal erstellt Marti Bern Spundwände, Marti Constructions arbeitet an den Portalen auf der Nordseite.


We Worked for You on a Relaunch of Georesources Portal - Welcome!

Welcome to the new GeoResources Portal!

Dear visitors.

After a few
busy and exciting days of transfering the data base and a lot of weeks preparation, we hope that you like,what we have done for you.

There will be a lot to do for us within the coming days and weeks, until all the new features become living for you. So, if not yet all is as you expect or we promise, we ask for the necessary patience.

What there will be new:

To your feedback about the relaunch and your company news for publication we are already stretched. Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The GeoResources Portal Team

Manfred König

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