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Ten Years of Bauer duty-cycle Cranes: Bauer Maschinen GmbH presents the new MC Series middle Platform

In May 2017, Bauer Maschinen introduced the new MC 86 duty-cycle crane to the public. © Bauer Group In May 2017, Bauer Maschinen introduced the new MC 86 duty-cycle crane to the public. © Bauer Group


MC duty-cycle cranes from Bauer are truly universal machines for specialist foundation engineering. Thanks to their massive steel structure and robust booms, they are the perfect foundation for a wide variety of mounting options, e.g. cutters or grabs. There are a large number of Bauer MCs currently operating all around the world.

It all began at the Bauma 2007 in Munich, when Bauer introduced the first MC 32 duty-cycle crane model – the start of a modern success story.

The aim of developing and constructing the company's own duty-cycle cranes was to close a gap in the market. A durable mechanical solution was to be created for specialist foundation engineering applications that still lacked an optimized carrier. In record time, the first duty-cycle crane completely designed by Bauer was developed, and the MC 32 as a compact base carrier for hydraulic grabs was presented to the public in 2007. It was followed in the very next year by the introduction of the MC 64, which was optimized as a 100 t-class duty-cycle crane especially for use as a cutter carrier. And the MC 128 was finally introduced to the market in 2009, which has since proven its strength as a carrier for heavy cutting systems, especially in major specialized projects. The 2011 model range was further enhanced by the introduction of the MC 96, the development of which was largely based on the MC 64 uppercarriage platform. Bauer Maschinen really hit the mark with its customers on this model: "The MC 96 has become a true top seller. Now, half of the duty-cycle cranes we build and sell involve this model," confirmed Steffen Fuchsa, Product Manager for duty-cycle cranes at Bauer Maschinen GmbH.

In May 2017, Bauer Maschinen GmbH finally introduced its newest generation from the MC range: the MC 86. This replaces the MC 64 small cutter carrier in Bauer's duty-cycle crane range. In comparison to the MC 64, it has an increased payload of 110 t thanks to a reinforced undercarriage and additional ballasting options. Additional features include new 30-ton free-fall winches with high speeds and cable capacity, a complete overhaul of the rig to accommodate a main cable diameter of 34 mm, and a new universal mast head for gripping and lifting work. An optional fly jib allowed a maximum payload of 35 t on the auxiliary line; the new facelift cab is equipped with B-Drive and Klimatronic as standard.

Bauer duty-cycle cranes are extremely versatile. In addition to pure lifting operations, they are also used as base carriers for such equipment as cable and hydraulic grabs, vibrators, cutters, the Bauer Flydrill, the Flying Vibro or drop weights, which are used for dynamic soil compaction. It is also possible to mount casing oscillators and use leader-mounted equipment. When developing the MC, a special focus was always placed on seamlessly combining the design with Bauer-specific special equipment in particular. In the process, the massive steel structure and robust boom have proven especially successful. Both have been specially designed for high dynamic continuous loads, e.g. dynamic soil compaction or heavy grab work.

Another characteristic feature of Bauer's MCs is the free-fall winches, which mechanically separate the frictional connection between the drum body and the drive when necessary. The cable is unwound under a suspended load, allowing the drum body to rotate freely. "Our free-fall winches have a large design in both width and diameter in order to ensure large cable capacity on the drum, and secondly to minimize cable wear as much as possible," explained Steffen Fuchsa.

Bauer duty-cycle cranes are equipped with powerful diesel motors. For example, the MC 76/86/96 middle platform series is equipped with a 570 kW engine (available as an optional Tier 4 final engine). Compared to a lifting crane of the same load bearing capacity, this engine provides double or even triple the performance. "This performance level is necessary for both winch operation and for the hydraulic equipment," said Steffen Fuchsa.

In the many years since the development of the first duty-cycle crane models, Bauer Maschinen has incorporated a great deal of new features and improvements in the MCs. This progress has led to a considerable reduction in noise and fuel consumption as well as to a significant improvement in safety – including patented special solutions. Specially developed noise protection kits can result in noise reduction levels of 3 dB (A), cutting noise emissions in half! This is achieved using a number of technical measures, such as optimized airflow, a controls system for the cooling unit coupled to speed, and the Smart Eco Mode for the diesel engine. This is closely related to implementing Energy Efficiency Power technology (EEP) in the newest MC generation, which is primarily involved in introducing the closed winch system. On one hand, this design ensures especially efficient winch drive and, on the other, allows the winches to be operated independently of other functions.

The new MC duty-cycle crane models are also equipped with a number of features in terms of work safety. To name just a few, these include additional hand rails and guard rails for safe mounting on the uppercarriage, safety sensors and camera systems, a patented monitored rope anchorage with overload protection or a special personnel safety system that effectively protects the technician from major injury during boom assembly. Additional features, some of which are optional, include wireless remote control, swivel angle or boom angle limitation, a hydraulic counterweight lock, and a fire extinguishing system. Thanks to the refrigeration kit or additional air-conditioner, Bauer MCs can be used with ease in regions experiencing extreme climatic conditions. Finally, the flexibly mounted and comfortable, ultra sound-proofed driver cabin offers an excellent view of the work area.

"The unique strength of our MC duty-cycle crane lies in its consistent focus on the requirements of specialist foundation engineering," says Dieter Stetter, Managing Director of Bauer Maschinen GmbH. "By the end of 2017, we will have sold well over 200 of our MCs – all within ten years of its launch in 2007."

Source: Bauer Gruppe

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