The Kiruna Move in Sweden continues

On Thursday 31 August the fifth of a total of eight heritage buildings will be moved to its new location – the foot of Luossavaara Mountain. Now, it's time for the so-called Ingenjörsvillan to be moved.

The relocation of heritage buildings, from the zone affected by mining to new places in Kiruna, continues. Seven buildings are being moved to the foot of Luossavaara Mountain, overlooking the mountain massif and the mine site. In addition, the so-called Länsmansbostaden will be moved to the new urban core, east of the present urban centre.

"Transforming a town is a challenge for everyone involved, not least because of the culture, memories and emotions associated with an old place. All values cannot be measured in monetary terms, and we are therefore pleased to be able to combine the old and the new by moving several of the town's most unique and much-loved buildings," says Tjabba Nordanfjäll, project manager at LKAB and responsible for relocation of heritage buildings.

At the new site about 20,000 square metres is being prepared for the arrival of new tenants.
Three of the so-called bläckhornshus buildings and Arbetarbostaden B5 have already been moved to this site. These buildings will shortly be joined by Ingenjörsvillan, Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården and Bolagshotellet.

"Like the other heritage buildings, Ingenjörsvillan is very special. Even though an era has ended, the story continues. Thanks to the relocation, the buildings will still have a rightful place in Kiruna," says Tjabba Nordanfjäll.

Ingenjörsvillan, LKAB's 39th building to be constructed, was completed in 1900. The impressive 280-tonne structure will be loaded intact onto a specially adapted trailer for transport, just over three kilometres to its new location. The new address is Lotten Erikssons gata 38.

Source: LKAB

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