The Time is now for Digitalization: Equipment for the Mining and Construction Industries

Almost 200 Sandvik customers from around the world gathered in Tampere, Finland, to look at the emerging cutting-edge technologies coming to the mining industry.

“Smart and connected industrial equipment is fast becoming the norm, so the time for these conversations is now,” said Patrick Murphy, President of the product area Rock Drills and Technologies at Sandvik, at the opening of the Sandvik Global Mining Summit held this week in Tampere, Finland. The amount of data being collected by smart devices is phenomenal,” said Murphy. “Such sensor-based features and services will transform the industry. The cost is plummeting, which has sped up the widespread adoption of sensor technologies over the last couple of years.”

The summit, a one-off event that brought together Sandvik customers, industry experts and Sandvik representatives, looked at the latest technologies, customer case studies, and the impact of such changes on the mining industry and beyond.

Hands-on experience

In addition to hearing what fellow Sandvik customers are up to in their own mines, attendees will see at first-hand the latest digital offerings from Sandvik at the Tampere factory and test mine. Exhibits including augmented reality tablet software and the new Sandvik DS422i cable bolter will be demonstrated, with technical experts on hand to answer questions.

“Gone are the days where mining companies can do everything themselves as the scope of these technologies is just too broad. That’s why we’ve brought everyone together, to start the conversation about where the industry is heading and how Sandvik can help with that journey,” said Murphy.

Source: Sandvik

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