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Three Consortia compete for green Transformer Station for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Featured

Femern A/S has prequalified three consortia to compete for the contract to establish a large transformer station to supply the Fehmarnbelt tunnel and the railway between Denmark and Germany with green electricity. The transformer station will also have the capacity to power electric vehicles.

The 18 km Fehmarnbelt tunnel, with its electric train operations, a motorway, ventilation and lighting, requires a constant, secure and reliable power supply. The tunnel, therefore, needs its own, large-scale transformer station close to the tunnel portal at Rødbyhavn.

The transformer station will be one of the largest of its type in Denmark. It will supply electricity for both the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s railway, the 10 km railway on Lolland, the tunnel installations and the charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Such an extremely high value tender is rare in Denmark and it attracted prequalification applications from five major consortia. After a thorough review of the bidders, Femern A/S selected three consortia to go forward to the next stage and the final award of the contract.

The three consortia are:

  • Bravida-Efacec-GE-Consortium (Denmark, Portugal, Germany)
  • Elecnor (Spain, Switzerland)
  • Siemens Aarsleff (Denmark, Germany)

The three selected consortia meet the prequalification’s financial and technical requirements. Femern A/S sets high standards as regards energy efficiency and has made it a condition that the transformer station is able to handle the electric modes of transport of the future.

”The transformer station at Rødbyhavn is an important part of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s contribution to the green transition of the transport sector. We are very pleased to have three strong consortia who are ready to bid for this substantial undertaking,” says Claus F. Baunkjær, CEO, Femern A/S.

Femern A/S expects to receive an initial offer from the bidders before the end of 2021 and a final bid by mid-2022. The contract will be awarded in the autumn of 2022 with a view to commencement in early 2023.

Source: Femern A/S

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