Vale begins Construction of Bridge that will restore Traffic between Communities and Downtown Brumadinho

Works are expected to be completed within three weeks

Vale has started construction of a 50m bridge that will restore traffic on Avenida Alberto Flores, in the city of Brumadinho (Minas Gerais). The goal is to provide the communities of Parque da Cachoeira and Córrego do Feijão, among others, safe access to the central area of Brumadinho. The deadline for completion of works is approximately three weeks.

Initial works are focused on cleaning the area. After that, Vale will install foundation piles. The structure will comprise a two-way road and walkway for pedestrians.

The construction of the bridge was decided in a meeting between representatives of Vale, the Department of Public Works of Brumadinho, the Civil Defense and the Department of Roads and Highways (DER).

Source: Vale

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