Vale reports a Breach to the Feijão Mine's Dam in Brumadinho (MG)

Vale is reporting that, at the beginning of this afternoon, there was a breach of Dam 1 of the Feijão Mine in Brumadinho (MG). The company deeply regrets the accident and is making every effort to provide relief and support to those affected.

The tailings have reached the administrative area where employees were working, indicating, the still unconfirmed possibility of victims. Part of the Vila Ferteco community has also been affected.

Rescue and care of the wounded is being carried out on site by the Fire Department and Civil Defense. There is still no confirmation as to the cause of the accident.

The top priority of the company right now is to support the rescue efforts and to help preserve and protect the lives of direct employees, third-party employees and local communities.

Vale will continue to provide information as soon as it is confirmed.

Source: Vale

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