Vale shares preliminary Results of internal Investigation with federal and state Authorities

On Monday, the first working day after the Feijão Mine's dam breach in Brumadinho, Vale's Legal team began the first phase of the internal investigation to determine the causes of the accident. Preliminary results were shared with federal and state authorities.

"Vale is the most interested party in determining the causes of the dam breach," states Alexandre D'Ambrosio, Vale's General Counsel. "Even before the issuing of the arrest warrant, I have been to a meeting with the Federal and State Public Prosecutor's Office in Minas Gerais to reinforce Vale's commitment to the determination of the facts. We are fully available to provide the authorities with any information."

The company's director told that during the search and seizure of documents in the Águas Claras Mine, in Minas Gerais, state police requested the company permission to expand the proceeding to the Mutuca Mine, which was promptly arranged. It wasn't included in the warrant.

Still according to the General Counsel, "the orientation is and has always been that all employees collaborate, fully and unrestrictedly, with the authorities. My priority and that of the other Vale's Executive Board members is to do whatever possible to mitigate the suffering of those affected and their families".

Source: Vale

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