Webuild: Fabriano-Matelica Section of Marche-Umbria Quadrilateral Highway network open to Traffic

Mega project 74% complete with supply chain of 450 businesses to improve connections in Central Italy

The first section of the Pedemontana Marche, part of Maxi Lot 2 of the Marche-Umbria Quadrilateral highway project, is open to traffic. Under construction by Webuild, the quadrilateral is strategic because it will support the development of this relatively isolated part of central Italy. Commissioned by ANAS, the state entity responsible for the country’s road and highway network, the construction of this sustainable infrastructure also involves more than 450 local suppliers.

The section that is opening to traffic is 8.1 km long between the towns of Fabriano and Matelica. With this opening, the quadrilateral is 74% complete. At 67 km, the entire highway project will improve transport connections and favour the economic development of the area that includes Perugia, Foligno, Civitanova March as well as Ancona and its port on the Adriatic coast. In terms of sustainability, the quadrilateral will contribute to a 20% reduction in travel times between Perugia and Ancona, reduce traffic on other roads and cut down on harmful vehicle emissions by 80%.

The Marche-Umbria Quadrilateral belongs to a series of projects under construction by Webuild to support the development of central and southern Italy in terms of jobs and the economy. Another project in the highway sector being developed by the Group is Mega Lot 3 of the Ionian State Highway, which will run for 38 km across the regions of Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia. In the rail sector, there is the high-speed railway between Naples and Bari, the high-capacity railway between Messina and Catania, the expansion of the railway between Palermo and Catania, and the metro lines in Rome and Naples. In Puglia, there is the construction of the Monopoli-Fasano Hospital.

Source: Webuild

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