Webuild sets Milestone at Rogun Hydropower Project World’s highest Dam to double Tajikistan’s Energy Ouput Featured

  • Webuild CEO joins Tajikistan President at ceremony for first concrete pour of core dam
  • Rogun to double country’s production capacity by 3,600 MW of clean, renewable energy

Webuild has achieved a major milestone at the Rogun HPP hydropower project in Tajikistan with the commencement of the concrete pour for the construction of the core dam. Rogun Hydropower Plant Project is a massive undertaking that will double the Central Asian country’s production capacity with clean, renewable energy, providing crucial support for its sustainable development. Webuild Chief Executive Pietro Salini joined Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon at a ceremony to celebrate this milestone. 

Located in the upper reaches of the Vakhsh River in the Pamir Mountains west of the Himalayas, Rogun will be the highest dam in the world with a dam crest at 1,300 m above sea level, breaking the record held by the Nurek Dam, also in Tajikistan. At 335 m, Rogun will also be the tallest dam in the world.

A project commissioned by OJSC Rogun Hydropower Plant, Webuild is responsible for the main civil works in the construction of the rockfill dam with a loam core.

Located about 90 km from Dushanbe, the capital, the entire project includes other lots that involve the tunnel works and the construction of the powerhouse and electromechanical works. Around 2,000 people are working on Webuild’s part, directly and indirectly, most of them Tajik nationals.

Rogun already has two turbines that are producing electricity. Unit 5 and 6 each have a capacity of 600 MW. The early generation has allowed Tajikistan to reduce power shortages suffered during the winter months, and export part of the electricity produced to neighbouring countries.

Once all six turbines each with a capacity of 600 MW have been installed and the project completed, Rogun will have a total installed capacity of 3,600 MW (the equivalent of three nuclear power plants), making it the most powerful hydroelectric station in Central Asia.

Webuild is a global leader in the construction of hydropower projects, with a track record of more than 300 dams and hydropower plants with a combined production capacity of approximately 52,900 MW. Other projects under development include Snowy 2.0, the largest of its kind in Australia that will help the country in its transition towards a renewable energy future.

Source: Webuild

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