xtonomy - spin-off from Indurad - transforms mobile Machines into autonomous driving Systems for Use in Mining and Industry Featured

xtonomy, a spin-off of indurad, transforms mobile machines into autonomous driving systems for use in demanding mining and industrial environments through the use of innovative software and sensor solutions. The vision is: Autonomy Everywhere.

Thanks to an autonomous transport system (AHS), dump trucks, for example, can transport material autonomously and interact with semi-automated excavators, loaders and crushers. According to xtonomy, a radar-based system reliably detects the environment even under adverse conditions.

In other applications, various material handling and transport tasks are automated in industrial environments such as steel mills, for example. Within its autonomy ecosystem, xtonomy additionally offers modules as a precursor to full autonomy, such as driver assistance, teleoperation and collision avoidance systems.

Our company was founded in 2011 as the research and development arm of indurad - the industrial radar company. Recently, xtonomy was fully spun off.

The aim of the spin-off is to bring the unique and proven xtonomy ecosystem to the market.

xtonomy has many years of experience in the automation of mobile working machines based on radar environment detection for underground and surface mining and industrial applications. The employees work in a consultative and solution-oriented manner in close cooperation with international customers.

xtonomy is proud of its multinational and interdisciplinary team working on challenging projects worldwide.

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