Roadmap for the Future: Hatch helps develop Port Master Plan 2050

The Port Authority unveiled its “Port Master Plan 2050,” a comprehensive document that lays out a flexible roadmap for the next generation of land-use and infrastructure development projects at the Port of New York and New Jersey. Combining worldwide port planning expertise with regional context, Hatch and its teaming partners were able to develop the 30-year port master plan with the Port Authority. The key principles guiding the plan were to provide jobs and economic benefits to the region, ensuring sustainability and resiliency in all operations and future developments, identifying areas for improved operations, alternative revenue streams, and optimizing Port Authority-owned land.


Increased concrete performance with Sika's Reinforcing Fibers

Urban construction requires high-strenth concrete and reinforcement solution for demanding projects like highrise buildings or infrastructure projects where the concrete has to withstand high pressures. In recent years, Sika has expanded its presence in the fast-growing concrete reinforcing fiber market, with several acquisitions and investments in new production lines.


Sika opens Production Plant in Qatar

Sika is starting operations at a plant in Doha, Qatar, for the production of concrete admixtures. The country on the east coast of the Arabian peninsula is an attractive market thanks to large-scale infrastructure investment and a number of mega projects, both ongoing and planned.


Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure sorgt für sicheres Fundament bei Großprojekt in Bangladesch

Die Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure GmbH, ein Unternehmen von Thyssenkrupp Materials Services, liefert wichtige Materialien, Technik und Komponenten für den Bau des Fundaments des ersten Kernkraftwerks in Bangladesch. Die Experten aus den Geschäftsbereichen der Ramm- und Ziehtechnik sowie der Profile und Ankertechnik sorgen dafür, dass das Fundament für das Großprojekt pünktlich gebaut werden und der Cargoterminal, über den per Schiffstransport die Container angeliefert werden, entstehen kann.


Sika expands Production Capacities In Egypt

Sika is developing its mortar plant in Alexandria, Egypt, and investing in additional production lines. This expansion will bring its capacities into line with the rising demand from the booming construction market. Egypt has one of the largest populations of all the countries in the region, with some 100 million inhabitants and a thriving construction industry.

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