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A Word on ...    

The Significance of Landslides as a growing Natural Catastrophe

Johannes Feuerbach and Manuel Lauterbach

We are facing increasing numbers of natural disasters that include mass movements. Natural disasters take human life and cause considerable damage. Geotechnicians bear a major responsibility in this content.

Geotechnics • Natural disaster • Landslide • Climate change • Research • Education


Reactivating the Hermann Hesse ­Railway: ­Securing retaining Walls in a Nature ­Conservation Area

Axel Möllmann, Burkhard Cless, Christian Spang and Holger Schwolow

The planned reactivation of the Schwarzwaldbahn (Black Forest Railway line) in Württemberg from Weil der Stadt to Calw as the Hermann-Hesse-Bahn serves to link the north eastern district of Calw to the Stuttgart region. The “Im Hau” cutting between Althengstett and Calw, which is up to 36 m deep, represents a particular challenge. Its slopes are supported at their base by up to 6 m high, natural masonry walls, which are partially strongly weathered and exposed to erosion. High demands are placed on nature conservation during the redevelopment scheme. The same applies to stability and economy. This article deals with investigating the existing structure and the subsurface. The redevelopment alternatives that were considered are presented and compared. The selected alternative is examined more closely.

Geotechnics • Slope stabilisation • Nature conservation • Redevelopment • Subsurface • Planning

Geotechnics – Product News    

Debris Flow Barriers for nine Valleys in Peru

Gabriel von Rickenbach

In record time Geobrugg and partners installed 22 debris flow barriers for nine valleys in Peru.

Geotechnics • Slope stabilisation • Debris flow • Safety measures • Product • Peru

Geotechnics – Product News    

Sealing by hard Gel Injection in the Project designed to refurbish the Sylvensteinspeicher Dam in Bavaria

Götz Tintelnot

After a life cycle in excess of 50 years, the Sylvensteinspeicher reservoir in Bavaria was provided with an additional sealing wall and a new measuring system. This report deals with the injection to stabilize and seal the dam within the scope of this construction scheme.

Geotechnics • Flood protection • Dam construction • Injection • Sealing • Nature conservation


New Test Stand to optimize Segments for mechanized Tunnelling

Paul Gehwolf, Robert Wenighofer, Stefan Barwart, Robert Galler, Michaela Haberler-Weber, Bernd Moritz, Christian Barwart and Andreas Lange

The bearing and deformation behaviour of segments for mechanized tunnelling and their degree of utilization are being investigated at the Chair for Subsurface Engineering at the Montan University Leoben in Austria in close collaboration with the ÖBB Infrastruktur AG. Tests and numerical modelling as well as deformation measurements in situ serve to optimize the precast concrete parts. A new test stand for biaxial tests on suitable segments was devised for the tests and equipped with the appropriate measurement technology for measuring deformations. This report presents the test stand and initial test results.

Tunnelling • Segment • Concrete technology • Test technology • Modelling • Research


Focusing on the finer Detail – Creative and innovative Products for fixing on  Segments

Ludwig and Felix Meese

Impulses stemming from tunnelling practice have led to a creative, process-oriented product development by the Meese GmbH. The outcome is astounding: innovative fixing elements for seals with waterproofing geomembranes and affixing tunnel furnishings. The small, intricately conceived Clinggos do not reveal what they are actually capable of from the outside. They enable segment thicknesses to be reduced, optimize working cycles when producing segments and executing construction as well as save costs and minimize environmental impacts. The potential of these novel developments in plastic is explained and displayed taking the example of the KAT 2 contract section in the Koralm Tunnel in Austria.

Tunnelling • Segments • Fixing technology • Innovation • Cost reduction


Long Railway Tunnel System Choice – Review for the Future

Heinz Ehrbar, Hans-Peter Vetsch and Peter Zbinden

The owners of a long railway tunnel must weigh up the initial investment with the future operating, maintenance and renovation costs when choosing a system. The choice of system has implications that reach far into the future. In this article the decisions that led in the past to the choice of system for the long Swiss Base Tunnels are analyzed taking the experiences as are known today and the changed general conditions into consideration. They provide recommendations for future decisions relating to systems.

Tunnelling • Design • Major projects • Operation • Safety • Costs


Success by Know-how – Exploration of a ­Turkish sub-bituminous Coal Deposit from the Grass Roots to the JORC compliant 3D Model

Hartwig Gielisch and Henry Gräßel

In 2007 a Turkish company started to explore a sub-bituminous coal deposit in the Soma coalfield in Turkey. This coal deposit is part of the lignite-bearing Neogene basins of Western Anatolia.This article describes the exploration works and results – at first after cooperating with a Chinese consultant company before changing to the German company DMT due to quality reasons in 2011. After checking the status finding obsolete equipment and documentation DMT recommended a changeover and an exploration programme according to international standards, including investigations regarding hydrogeology, geophysical borehole measurements, methane measurements, geotechnics and 2D seismic survey. The interpretation of deep drilling data by DMT showed the advantages of additional 3D modelling to interpret the structure of the intensively faulted deposit properly. Seismic survey and 3D modelling reduced the exploration period and thereby lowered the costs. The continuity of strata, orientation of normal faults and the throw of faults could be better analysed and led to better correlation of the strata between fault blocks. In July 2014 the construction works for the inclined shaft started.

Mining • Lignite • Exploration • Drilling • Seismic surveying • Turkey


World Coal after the Paris Climate Summit

Frank Leschhorn

The Paris Climate Summit in December 2015 culminated in a landmark but not binding agreement to reach the goal of limiting global temperature rise. The COP21 climate deal from Paris has left the important issue “the future role of coal” widely unanswered. The demand for coal will be determined in Asia, the world’s growth area. This article attempts to take an objective view on the future use of thermal coal for power generation and the prospects for clean coal.  

Mining ∙ International ∙ Coal ∙ Climate ∙ CC-technologies ∙ Policy ∙ Market


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