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We are pleased to present to you the current edition of the English Journal GeoResources.

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A Word on ...    

Utilisation of Geothermal in Energy – German Experience in an international Context

Rolf Bracke and Inga Moeck

A short review looking back on approximately 35 years of geothermal usage in Germany and an outlook to the future is given. The importance of international exchange is emphasised as well.

Geotechnics • Energy • Renewables • Geothermal systems • Research • Education

Geotechnics and Energy   

GeoTherm – expo & congress

The eleventh GeoTherm will be taking place in its meanwhile successfully established form at 15th 
and 16th February 2017. Within ten years the 
combination of trade fair and congress has 
become Europe’s leading event for geothermal 

Geotechnics • Geothermal energy • International • Conference • Exhibition

Geotechnics – Interview   

Visiting the recently completed and inaugurated Soil Mechanics Laboratory at Rijeka University in Croatia

Pier Luigi Raviolo

The soil mechanics laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Rijeka University in Croatia was recently completed and inaugurated. Pier Luigi Raviolo visited Rijeka University and could interview Dr. Vedran Jagodnik about the activities of a modern laboratory devoted to geotechnical researches.

Geotechnics • Soil mechanics • Testing • Education • Research • Croatia


About the Soil mechanical Laboratory at Rijeka University in Croatia

Vedran Jagodnik

The soil mechanics laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Rijeka University in Croatia was recently completed and inaugurated. Dr. Vedran Jagodnik gives a description of the laboratory equipment.

Geotechnics • Soil mechanics • Testing • Education • Research • Croatia



Innovative contactless Anchor Measurement with elastomagnetic Sensors

Patrick Wörle and Damir Dedic

The Dywidag-Systems International GmbH has played a key role in recent years in the development of an innovative measuring principle for geotechnical ground anchors. The measuring principle is based on the elastomagnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials, so-called Dyna Force. The sensors can be mounted on the steel tendon over the anchor free length and the bond length. The measurement of force occurs in the steel tendon in a contactless manner. This report first looks at the physical background of the measuring principle. Subsequently, practical findings, possible fields of application and knowledge derived from them are presented with reference to examples such as the construction pit at the Opernplatz in Frankfurt and the Grancarevo dam in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Geotechnics • Anchor technology • Monitoring • Construction pit • Dam


Innovative mechanised Installation of the Geosynthetic Sealing System in the Silberberg Tunnel in Thuringia/Germany

Sven Krahberg und Detlev de Vries

The 7,391 m long Silberberg Tunnel on the new Ebensfeld-Erfurt rail route in Thuringia/Germany was driven by trenchless means and lined using geomembranes. Umbrella seals, single-layer and double-layer all-round seals were applied. This article deals with the mechanised installation of geomembrane lining materials using an innovative laying device.

Tunnelling • Sealing • Geosynthetics • Products • Major project • Innovation • Efficiency



Innovative Accessories for Tunnel Equipment and Geosynthetic Sealing Systems for trenchless Tunnels

Ludwig and Felix Meese

Encouraged by queries from the construction industry, the Meese GmbH has developed innovative accessories for sealing geomembranes in trenchless tunnels. These accessories prevent plastic sealing geomembranes from being penetrated and facilitate the attachment of loads and installation.

Tunnelling • Sealing • Geosynthetics • Fixing technology • Innovation • Efficiency


Crossrail Major Project in London –Concrete Logistics with innovative Concreting Shuttle

Paul Zeder

42 km of tunnels are being built for London’s Crossrail project of the century. An innovative concreting shuttle devised by the Karl-H. Mühlhäu­ser GmbH & Co. KG aids in tackling the sophisticated concrete logistics for the track installation in this major project. Here the focus is on the concreting shuttle and its manner of functioning in continuous operation. Findings obtained during its application are also explained.

Tunnelling • Construction machinery • Concrete technology • Construction management • Major project • Innovation • Supplier

Mining and Tunnelling   

Powerful underground Cooling with the “Pressure Exchange System”

Jens H. Utsch

The “Pressure Exchange System” (P.E.S.) is a technical component, which is applied in a central location for underground cooling facilities. The system forms the interface between the two circuits of a cooling system – the primary circuit, connecting the surface system components of the cooling facility with the underground P.E.S., and the underground secondary circuit, which links the P.E.S. with the consumers (coolers). The P.E.S. effectively fulfils the transfer of temperature between the circuits, an important function so essential for the efficiency of a cooling system. The manner of functioning and the associated advantages of the system are presented in this report.

Tunnelling • Mining • Air cooling • Equipment • Efficiency


Research Project “Mining-RoX” – From 3D Mine Scans to a Mine Rescue Simulator

Thomas Schmieder

A virtual simulator has been developed as training tool to assist people that risk their lives underground for the safety of others.

Mining • Software • Development • Simulation • Rescue • Safety • Training


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