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GeoResources - German Journal for Mining, Tunnelling, Geotechnics and EquipmentGeoResources Journal for Resources, Mining, Tunnelling, Geotechnics and Equipment.

We are pleased to present to you the current edition of the English Journal GeoResources.

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A Word on ...

Andreas Pinkwart

Mining – Tradition and Future

Mining is no ‘old‘ industry and plays an important role in securing the future supply of raw materials. The digital transformation changes the entire process chain and can provide important contributions to increased productivity, workplace safety, environmental protection, sustainability and social acceptance.

Mining • Raw material supply • Digitalization • Tradition • Future • NRW

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Peter v. Hartlieb

Look to the Future: Digitalisation of the Raw Materials Industry

Digitalisation calls for the entire value-added chain to be modernised. It requires adjustments to operating procedures, technologies, business models and the existing legal framework. There’s a lot to be done!

Mining • Raw materials • Digitalisation • Development

A Word on ...

Sebastian-Friedrich Kowitz

“Data Mining” for “Mining Data” or “We’ve always done it like that” against “Why not be different?”

The digitalisation or automation of knowledge represents a major challenge given the rough conditions existing in mining and the construction industry. At the same time, it affords considerable potential for innovation.

Mining • Tunnelling • Digitalisation• Data mining

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Klaus Stöckmann

bauma – Forum for Discussion on Future Mining

At the bauma the mining supply branch is presenting its capabilities and innovations to its worldwide customers from the raw materials industry. In this way, it is facing the challenge of a future-oriented, environmentally-friendly provision of raw materials.

bauma • Mining • Suppliers • Raw ­materials • Future technology

A Word on ...

Martin Wedig

Securing Raw Materials and technological ­Development – sustainable and innovative

The safeguarding of future raw materials also turns the focus on international mining and collaboration quite apart from relevant services. The FAB with its members represents the raw materials project at the bauma.

Raw materials • Globalisation • Sustainability • International Mining • Services • Mining 4.0


Franjo Kovac and Christian Henrichs

Innovative Waterstops for Underground ­Concrete Structures

Current conventional joint sealings in underground watertight concrete structures or with polymeric geosynthetic barriers – especially tunnels – possess disadvantages and thus pose problems. This motivated the Besaplast Kunststoffe GmbH to devise innovative products and systems to solve such problems. They are dealt with in this article.

Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Engineering • ­Sealing • Concrete • Innovation


Christoph Müller

Virtual Trains on Rubber Tyres – new flexible Transport System for autonomous Operation in mixed Use Environments

Virtual trains on rubber tyres are cost-effective and flexible for applications in tunnelling and mining. A solution is described which has successfully been in operation since 2016 at the Brenner Base Tunnel in Austria. Extension to attain fully autonomous safe operation would be possible at reasonable expense.

Tunnelling • Mining • Transport • Innovation • Virtual train • Automation


Michael Flender

Major Contract for Shaft and Heavy-duty Hoisting Systems for the Woodsmith Mine Shafts in North Yorkshire in United Kingdom

The Siemag Tecberg group received a major contract in September 2018 from the DMC Mining Service (UK) Ltd., United Kingdom, to deliver a total of 8 hoisting machines and 16 stage winches for application in several shafts at depths of 1,600 m and 370 m for the new Woodsmith Mine and the Lockwood Beck Shaft in the North York Moors National Park in the north-east of England.

Mining • Tunnelling • Shaft hoisting ­technology • High performance mining • Supplier • United Kingdom


Anne Schulz, Nina Kukowski, Stephan Großwig and Roland Hendel

The Influence of Rock thermal Conductivity and Groundwater Flow on the Freezing ­Process in a Freeze Shaft – Results of transient ­numerical Simulations

Artificial ground freezing (AGF) using brine or liquid nitrogen allows the construction of tunnels or shafts, stabilisation of landslides and containment of hazardous waste in aquiferous loose rocks. The ground is stabilised and sealed by the freezing of pore water. Transient numerical simulations are used to model the temperature field as a function of time. This paper reports on a numerical study that relates to a real ground freezing project for the sinking of two freeze shafts for potash mining in Russia. The focus is on the influences of thermal conductivity and groundwater flow velocity.

Mining • Shaft sinking • Freezing method • Simulation • Case study • Russia


Shakeel Ahmad, Muhammad Usman Khan and Muhammad Zaka Emad

Challenges and Opportunities in Underground Coal Mines of the Salt Range in Pakistan

This paper presents current mining practices in underground mines with thin coal seams and low production rates in the Salt Range region of Pakistan. Mine workers are not properly trained and work in a poor and unsafe working environment. Improvement potential is discussed.

Mining • Coal • Pakistan • Productivity • HSE • Mechanization • Education


Bernhard Teigler and Dirk Harbecke

Revaluation of Lithium Resources accelerates Electromobility – and Corporate Growth

No electric mobility without accumulators! As a result, the market for batteries containing lithium is increasing significantly. Reappraisal of known lithium deposits – such as in the Georgia Lake Project in Canada – can help cover this need.

Mining • Exploration • Electromobility • Resources • Education • Geosciences • Canada


Mirko Liebetrau and Alexey Shalashinski

Mining 4.0 and Big Data – Use of Machine Data to optimise the Operation of Mines

Managing mines with large fleets of vehicles poses major challenges to the operators. Close to real-time logging, transmission and targeted interpretations of machine data enable the potential for increasing efficiency to be identified. This article takes the example of a bolt-drilling jumbo in an oil shale mine in Estonia to show the necessary infrastructure for data acquisition and analysis and the advantage of such studies.

Mining • Big Data • Operational optimisation • Machine data • Case study • Estonia


Regina Schnathmann

A simple Means of overcoming Obstacles when transporting Bulk Materials

In mining bulk materials must be transported economically, safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner, e. g. from the quarry to their destination often over rough or inhabited terrain. Belt conveyors can be applied for this purpose. Based on cases of application in China, Belgium and Indonesia, it is demonstrated how the Beumer Group plans and produces such belt conveyor systems for specific projects from start to finish prior to providing support to users.

Mining • Conveying technology • Bulk material • Efficiency • Operation • Environment • Safety

Mining/Raw Materials

Tobias Wendel, Tobias Vraetz, Ralph Baltes, Karl Nienhaus and Elisabeth Clausen

Inline Analyses of Material Flows by Means of Machine Learning in the Raw Materials Industry

Material flow analyses can contribute towards increasing the efficiency of transporting bulk materials in the raw materials industry. This report deals with the analysis and measuring methods in general and explains successful examples of application processed by means of AMT in the raw materials industry.

Mining • Raw materials • Bulk materials • Transport • Research • Material flow analysis


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