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We are pleased to present to you the current edition of the English Journal GeoResources.

Special Topic: Digitisation and Monitoring for Process Optimisation and Efficiency 

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   A Word on ...  

Special Topic ‘Digitisation and Monitoring for Process Optimisation and Efficiency’

GeoResources Team and statements from various specialists

Read all about key inter-branch themes for 2021 in GeoResources Journal, with digitisation being the chosen topic for this latest issue. Digitisation is not only vital for tackling the huge challenges that confront today’s society – it can also provide the answer to many of the problems arising in areas such as geotechnics, tunnelling, mining and equipment.

Special topic • Digitisation • Monitoring • Efficiency • Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Mining

   Geotechnics/Product News  

Remote Monitoring of flexible protective Structures against natural Hazards – Increasing Safety and Reducing Costs 

Hélène Hofmann

Geobrugg AG in Romanshorn, Switzerland, has developed a remote monitoring system for flexible protective structures against natural hazards. It can be used for protection systems of different manufacturers. Monitoring is simplified and maintenance can be better planned.

Geotechnics • Slope stabilisation • Monitoring • Automation • Safety • Cost efficiency


Continental Conveyor Belts for Flood Protection Project in Tokyo

Jochen Vennemann

Pouch conveyor belts made by technology company Continental are being used in a flood prevention project in Japan’s capital Tokyo. The conveyor belt reduces noise pollution, dust emissions and traffic volumes in the construction of an underground catch basin for 150,000 m³ of water in Machida, Tokyo.

Geotechnics • Logistics • Hydraulic engineering • Bulk material • Conveying • Environment • Japan



Virtual 51st IWASA – Adaptation of Water ­Management to Climate Change: Challenges, Opportunities and Goals

Wenjia Xu

In January 2021, the 51st International Hydraulic Engineering Symposium Aachen, (IWASA) on the ’Adaptation of Water Management to Climate Change: Challenges, Opportunities and Goals’ was held online for the first time and was greeted with an astonishingly good response.

Geotechnics • Hydraulic engineering • Event • Online • Climate change



Modelling geotechnical Components for Use in BIM Models

Siniša Lovrić, Jürgen Schmitt and Dill Khan

This paper describes the parametrisation of selected geotechnical components for accelerated implementation in BIM models and concludes by highlighting the importance of the interface between the conventional and the digital method of working.

Geotechnics • BIM • Digitisation • Modelling • Shoring systems



Pilot Project for Remote Comissioning of a Plant for the Production of Construction ­Materials with digital Look over the Shoulder

Beumer Group

Thanks to digitalisation, it is no longer unusual to parametise and commission single components remotely. Beumer Group thinks ahead and, for the first time, commissions a complete packaging line including palletiser – from a distance of over 4,000 kilometres.

Digitization• Construction material • Conveying • Remote comissioning • Azerbaijan


   Geotechnics/Tunneling/Mining/Product News   

Safe Management of Hose Lines for modern HP Air Compressors

Christian Wieczorek and Roland Herr

The problem of connecting hose lines to modern HP air compressors is nothing new. Following a number of hazardous events and fatal accidents the industry has now developed a high-pressure layflat hose system with dedicated coupling connectors.

Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Mining • HSE • Compressed-air equipment • Product development



DAUB Recommendations on BIM in Tunnelling

GeoResources Team

The German Tunnelling Committee (DAUB) has in recent years been intensively involved with digitisation and the use of BIM for underground structure projects and has published recommendations for use in this area.

Tunnelling • Underground structures • BIM • Digitisation • Recommendations


Rohtang Tunnel in the Indian Himalayas

Roland Herr

The Rohtang Tunnel in the Indian Himalayas at a high altitude greatly reduces the road distance and the journey time between Leh and Manali. Considerable difficulties emerged during the construction phase.

Tunnelling • NATM • Drill + Blast • Construction operation • India


   Ideas Workshop   

Automatic Train Operation on conventional Rail Tracks

Hans-Peter Vetsch and André Schweizer

The Swiss authors of this article have used their professional know-how to develop a concept for automatic train travel on existing rail tracks presenting simple operating conditions. The Auto-Ferrivia initiative group has been set up to help with the practical implementation of their idea. They wish to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology and with this in mind are seeking project partners for further trials.

Ideas workshop • Mobility • Railway • Automation • Innovation • Efficiency



South Africa hosted international Online ­Conference on Mine impacted Water

Bastian Reker

An international online conference organised in South Africa in November 2020 considered how mine impacted water can be transformed from waste to resource.

Mining • Geotechnics • South Africa • International • Online • Event • Water


Data-driven Performance Metrics are improving the Efficiency of Mining Machines

Andreas Merchiers, Henrik Blunck, Arne Köller and Christian Gierga

The ongoing development of sensor and actuator technology opens up huge opportunities for manufacturers and users of underground mining machines. The acquisition and analysis of sensor data contributes to the process optimisation of mining operations and also helps improve machine production methods, which in turn offers a significant potential for cutting costs. This paper explains the possibilities and particular challenges arising in a number of areas, including data mining processes, manual rule-based modelling, data architecture, data visualisation, statistical analysis and machine learning (ML). Case studies of drum shearer loaders and continuous miners produced by the Eickhoff Group are used to illustrate the knowledge gain and the opportunities now arising in this context.

Mining • Digitisation • Data science • Machines • Process optimisation • Cost saving


Digital Transformation Opportunities in Australia’s Mining Industry

Hatch Ltd.

In November 2020 Hatch published a study on the state of digital maturity in Australia’s mining and mineral processing industry (M&M) dealing with digital transformation opportunities.

Mining • Study • Digitization • Opportunities • Growth • Sustainability • Australia


Using CO2 for Hydrocarbon Production with ‘green’ Hydrogen Fuel for Mining Vehicles ­operating in Remote Locations

Torsten Buddenberg and Christian Bergins

Based on the example of a technology initiative being proposed in Chile this article uses schematic information to explain how carbon dioxide obtained from copper production can be processed using electricity from renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to produce liquid fuels that can be used to drive heavy trucks operating in open-pit mines.

Mining • Energy • Environmental protection • Chile • Hydrogen • CO2 reduction • Cost

   Mining/Geotechnics/Product News  

Synertrex® – Weir Minerals’ digital ­Contribution to the future Mine

Tobias Vraetz

Weir Minerals’ Synertrex platform contributes to the mine of the future. All Weir Minerals products can optionally be equipped with the required hardware and integrated into the digital Synertrex platform.

Mining • Equipment • Digitization • Pumping • Grinding • Mineral processing



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