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Special Topic: Focus on People

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Focus on People

Katrin Brummermann

In addition to our usual technical topics, the focus in this issue of GeoResources Journal is particularly on “people”. We hope that you will find inspiration in the articles and can develop ideas for your own activities.

Editorial • People • Sustainability • Idea

   A Word on ...   

STEM Career Opportunities for a Climate and Environment compatible Society

Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht

STEM professions are in fact vital for the world of tomorrow. Professionals are playing a key role in shaping the transition in energy and renewables and the ongoing climate action and in so doing are bringing about positive social change – all issues of interest when it comes to choosing a career.

Future • People • STEM • Skills shortage • Raw materials • Climate protection • Sustainability


Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance of flexible Safety Structures against natural Hazards

Eberhard Gröner and Michael Leidenberger

The technical training course for operation, inspection and maintenance enables planners and owners to better assess flexible safety structures against natural hazards. Participants are trained to protect people effectively and efficiently.

Geotechnics • Natural hazards • People • Safety • Further education • Sustainability


Flood Events – How geosynthetic System Solutions can accelerate Reconstruction and contribute to safe technical Precautions

Huesker Synthetic GmbH

Construction methods using geosynthetics include interesting opportunities for sustainable reconstruction after flood events – even on very soft soils. A geosynthetic-reinforced earth construction allowed a very fast building of a bridge after extreme weather in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate last year.

Geotechnics • Hydraulic engineering • Flood • Geosynthetics • Sustainability • Bridge building


The SMS 2A Project in Moss, Norway – an Engineering and Construction Challenge in Quick Clay

Carsten Rosskamp and George Moir

The SMS 2A project in Moss, Norway, includes the construction of a 10 km new double-track railway through the city of Moss. The central part of the project is to be constructed in challenging ground conditions characterized by the presence of quick clays and low slope stability in the existing situation. Calculations updated after contract award and based on the results of existing and additional soil investigations revealed the need for several special measures to enable the safe construction of the project. The engineering of these measures is complex.

Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Infrastructure • Special foundation • Quick clay • Monitoring

   Raw materials/interview   

Soft Power in Hard Metals: H.C. Starck Tungsten looks to its female Managers

The GeoResources team in an interview with Barbara Hölter

H. C. Starck Tungsten has something that many companies in the technical field seem to lack, namely a high proportion of female managers. The GeoResources team therefore met up with Barbara Hölter, who is Head of Human Resources at the tungsten powders specialist, to hear her put forward thoughts and insights that will be of interest to the sectors relevant to GeoResources and to all our readers.

Interview • Raw materials • Management • Equal opportunities • Supply chains • Sustainability


The Application of freely available Remote Sensing Data in Risk Management Systems for abandoned Mines and Post-mining

Benjamin Haske, Tobias Rudolph and Peter Goerke-Mallet

Freely available remote sensing data hold real potential for the geomonitoring and risk management systems that are required for abandoned mines and post-mining. Various remote sensing systems were therefore analysed, compared and assessed in terms of their suitability for geomonitoring tasks.

Mining • Post-mining • Risk management • Geomonitoring • Remote sensing • Safety


Extraction of valuable Metals from Tailings in South Africa

Simon Doleschal and Gerard Mohapi

The extraction of valuable metals from tailings left by now derelict mines is a growing industry in South Africa and these operations also help to protect the environment.

Mining • Geotechnics • Tailings •  Extraction • Metals • Environment • South Africa

   Tunnelling/Product News   

Boomer E2C takes on Refurbishment of the Neuchâtel Tunnel in Switzerland

Epiroc Deutschland GmbH

A specially adapted Epiroc Boomer E2C, has been used to automate the installation of an AT – Pipe Umbrella System from DSI Underground as part of a refurbishment project in a rail tunnel between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds in the west of Switzerland.

Tunnelling • Innovation • Boomer • Pipescreen • Construction operation • Occupational safety


Experiences with BIM for the Modelling of Segment Systems

JürgenSchmitt, Calvin Lu, Marc-Kevin Perkins and Dill Khan

The paper describes the practical experience and knowledge that was acquired from project studies aimed at producing a BIM model for segment support systems to be used in tunnel headings.

Tunnelling • BIM • Modelling • Segments • Mechanised tunnelling


For a sustainable Future – MiningForum 2022

DMT GmbH & Co. KG

The MiningForum brings together decision makers, experts and specialists to discuss topics related to mining. The event offers a comprehensive panorama view of various complex topics related to raw materials – 2022 under the heading “For a sustainable Future”.

Mining • Raw materials • Conferece • Exhibition • Networking • Sustainability • Resource security • Future

   Mining/Raw materials   

Life taking Centre Stage – a Challenge for the Mining Industry

Peter von Hartlieb

Mining has all kinds of complex challenges to meet for the good of mankind – and this includes producing raw materials in accordance with ESG criteria in a way that benefits not only the industry’s own employees but also those who may be impacted by mining operations.

Mining • Sustainability • Mankind • Raw materials supply • Safety


Shaft Sinking with innovative Boring Machines and on-board Dust Control

Thomas Ahlbrecht

The state-owned Belaruskali company has been actively engaged in potash mining in Belarus for some 60 years. The privately financed  Nezhinsky mine has been planning to extract potash deposits at Soligorsk since 2011 and work commenced on a green-field site there in 2016. The original intention was to sink two shafts using ground freezing technology combined with drilling and firing. However in 2016 the future mine operators Slavkali opted for completely new technology – mechanised shaft boring from the solid. This paper outlines the methods used and the experience acquired from these innovative shaft construction projects and describes the dust control measures that were applied during the mechanised sinking operations.

Mining • Shaft sinking • Shaft boring machine • Work place safety • Dedusting • Belarus

   Mining/Product News   

Sensor-based Sorting in extreme Conditions at Renison Tin Mine in Tasmania

Tomra Mining

Tomra Mining provides effective solution for the extreme conditions at the Bluestone Mines Tasmania JV (BMTJV) Renison tin mine in Tasmania, with its XRT sensor-based sorting technology unlocking significant value and delivering environmental benefits.

Mining • Sorting technology • Processing • Safety • Sustainability • Australia


Developments in Dust Control Technology in the international Mining and Tunnelling Industry

Reinhold Both

The article reviews the key phases in the development of dedusting for the protection of underground workers. It describes the basic techniques and presents the various applications and limitations to use.

Mining • Tunnelling • Work safety • Dust control

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