Bossler Tunnel in Germany: »Käthchen« achieves Breakthrough


The site crew working with tunnel boring machine »Käthchen« (»Katie«) has completed the second tube of the Bossler tunnel. The breakthrough near Mühlhausen im Tale in Baden-Württemberg is another milestone in the construction of the Stuttgart-Wendlingen-Ulm railway line. The Bossler Tunnel is part of the Stuttgart-Ulm railway project and is expected to go into operation in 2022.
Construction of the two tubes was carried out differently than initially planned. The TBM (Ø 11,340 mm) was able to excavate almost the entire route. At up to 38 meters per day, the work progressed extremely quickly.


Herrenknecht Borer secures Power Supply in West Africa

In late July 2017, Coleman Microtunnelling, a subsidiary of Bothar Group Australia, successfully completed tunnelling for two power plant cooling water lines in Ghana with a Herrenknecht utility tunnelling machine. The new oil-gas power plant puts the supply of electricity for people and business for the country on the West African Atlantic coast on a more solid foundation.


Neue Wege in den Sinai – finaler Durchbruch bei gigantischen Straßentunneln am Suez-Kanal

Am Weihnachtswochenende läutete der ägyptische Präsident S.E. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi eine neue Epoche für die Sinai-Halbinsel ein: Der dritte von vier Herrenknecht-Mixschilden S-960 (Ø 13.020 mm) beendete am Samstag, dem 23. Dezember 2017 die Vortriebsarbeiten für den ersten von zwei neuen, doppelröhrigen Straßentunneln unter dem Suez-Kanal. Die Tunnelbauwerke bei Port Said und Ismailia sollen die Sinai-Halbinsel künftig stärker an das ägyptische Kernland anbinden und eröffnen neue wirtschaftliche Chancen. Anstatt bis zu 5 Tage vor der Fähre in langen Auto-Schlangen zu verbringen, wird die Passage des Suez-Kanals über die leistungsfähigen Tunnel künftig lediglich 10 Minuten dauern.


New Routes to the Sinai – final Breakthrough in gigantic Road Tunnels at the Suez Canal

On the Christmas weekend, Egyptian President H.E. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi rang in a new era for the Sinai Peninsula: on Saturday, December 23, 2017, S-960 (Ø 13,020 mm), the third of four Herrenknecht Mixshields, completed tunnelling for the first of two new twin-tube road tunnels under the Suez Canal at Ismailia. The tunnels at Port Said and Ismailia, designed to link the Sinai Peninsula more closely to the Egyptian heartland in future, will open up new economic opportunities. Instead of spending up to 5 days in long car queues for the ferry, crossing the Suez Canal via the efficient tunnels will only take 10 minutes in future.


Hard Rock TBM »Ulrikke« takes Tunnelling in Norway to the next Level

Whether it's a world record with the longest railway tunnel on earth at the Brenner or the epoch-making Gotthard project: the business of mechanized tunnel boring through hard rock is currently reaching new heights in Europe. Now Scandinavia is discovering the advantages of mechanized tunnelling. With the breakthrough at the Ulriken Tunnel, the first major tunnel project in Norway using a Herrenknecht Gripper TBM has been successfully completed.

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