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   A Word on ...

bauma 2019 – innovative, global, digital and attractive

Klaus Stöckmann

Next year it rolls around again: from April 8 to 14, 2019, the bauma will be held for the 32nd time in Munich, Germany. In the past, this leading world fair has set up record upon record. The organisers are confident that it will stay this way in 2019 so that the bauma will be able to consolidate its position as the world`s biggest trade fair of its kind.

bauma • Construction and mining machinery • Exhibition • Mining • Geotechnics • Tunnelling


Slopes in loose Rock – Stabilisation and Erosion Protection in a single Operation

Eberhard Gröner and Armin Roduner

The creation and widening of infrastructures – such as roads, railway lines and buildings – frequently requires new cuttings or the steepening of existing slopes in loose rock. This article explains findings with planting vegetation and the stabilisation of such slopes and introduces novel combined systems of randomly entangled mesh made of synthetic material with mesh consisting of high-tensile steel wire, facilitating efficient installation.

Geotechnics • Loose rock • Securing slopes • Erosion protection • Efficiency • Innovation


Risk Analysis for Argentina’s „Train to the Clouds“ efficiently developed using innovative  Methods

Geoconsult Group

At the end of January 2018 Geoconsult and Georesearch from Wals/Salzburg in Austria have presented in Buenos Aires a risk analysis for the “Tren a las Nubes” (Train to the Clouds). They developed the analysis in very short time at low expenditure using innovative modern methods. The risk analysis provides a well-founded basis for future investments in Argentina’s rail-infrastructure in the North-western region of Argentina.

Geotechnics • Infrastructure • Risk analysis • Drones • Natural disaster • Argentina


Tunnelling with Gripper TBMs – Pre-detensioning ­Factor for Dimensioning the Shotcrete Shell

Jürgen Schmitt, Omid Monfaredpur, Ulrich Burbaum and Rohalla Hasanpour

The stress redistribution in rock acts on the load affecting temporary shotcrete supports in tunnels. This article explains numerical calculations, which were undertaken at the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt. They serve to analysis the rock’s stress deformation behaviour when tunnelling with a Gripper TBM and to establish pre-relieving factors for dimensioning the shotcrete shell.

Tunnelling • TBM • Gripper • Shotcrete • Modelling

   Tunnelling and Product News   

Innovative Plug-in Crosscut Elements

Elkuch Group

Precast elements called Plug-in Crosscut Element (PCE) have been developed to reduce the installation time inside the tunnel significantly. 

Tunnelling • Crosscut • Precast element • Installation • Time saving


Follo Line in Norway – A new Dimension in Hard Rock Tunnelling

Herrenknecht AG

The Follo Line Project in Oslo is a revolution for tunnel-rich Norway. Previously, tunnels have mostly been built the traditional way with explosives. For the largest infrastructure project in the land of the fjords, tunnel boring machines are now being used. Since late 2016, four Double Shield TBMs from Herrenknecht have been simultaneously biting their way through the toughest hard rock for a new railway line: a first worldwide.

Tunnelling • TBM • Major projects • Hard rock • Infrastructure • Railway • Norway

   Tunnelling and Energy   

Subsurface Transportation and New Energy Carrier Vehicles

Armin Feltmann, Rajko Rothe and Maximilian Wietek

The need for New Energy Carrier vehicles is on the very top of today’s political agendas. The reduction of CO emission goes hand in hand with new risks in subsurface transportation. The search for solutions to manage these risks is the topic of the research project SUVEREN, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Energy • Transportation • Emission • Underground • Safety • Research


Chromite Ore Mining in Kazakhstan – Experiences with fibre-reinforced Shotcrete

Olaf Schmidt and Eduard Dorn

In the Donskoy Mine GOK in Chromtau, Kazakhstan, the TOO Schachtbau Kasachstan, a joint subsidiary of the German companies Schachtbau Nord­hausen GmbH and Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH is driving a roadway in tricky geology with a small cross-section by means of NATM. Apart from the application of suitable engineering, the innovative shotcrete with polymer fibre reinforcement and consistent quality assurance in particular contributes towards ensuring that requirements are fulfilled.

Mining • Chromite ore • Supporting • NATM • Shotcrete • Fibre concrete • Kazakhstan

   Energy and Mining                                                                                                            

Photovoltaics in the Mining Sector – a Win-Win Situation for the Electrification of Sub-Saharan Africa?

Björn Broda and Jan Schröter

Access to an affordable and reliable power supply is essential for the economic development of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Deployment of photovoltaics represents a perfect solution, but the enormous potential still remains untapped. Mining, which is so energy-intensive and ambivalent in ecological terms, can supply remote regions as an anchor customer for electrification. Mine operators can anticipate a low-cost, reliable and sustainable energy supply as well as high social acceptance. At the same time, the rural population benefits from access to electricity and from the opportunity for strengthening socio-economic development.

Energy • Mining • Photovoltaics • Africa


Mathematical Modelling of Water Hammer Effect in shut-off and regulating Valves and Pipes with anti-corrosive Coating

Rustem Flitovich Gaffarov, Alexej Zich, Dimitri Yu. Serikov and Konstantin H. Shotidi

Equipment for extracting and processing oil and gas as well as mineral processing is subject to great operational strain. Special coatings are intended to protect the components – especially valves and pipes – against wear and chemical loads. This article deals with the modelling of pressure surges, which largely contribute to damaging such coatings.

Energy • Oil and gas • Mineral processing • Valves • Coating • Water hammer • Model





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