GeoResources Journal 2-2021 – Special Topic: Safe, resource-saving and efficient Construction Methods, Products, Materials

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We are pleased to present to you the current edition of the English Journal GeoResources.

Special Topic: Safe, resource-saving and efficient construction methods, products, materials

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Shortage of Construction Materials – Scarcity unlocks Creativity 

GeoResources Team

First Corona, and now, to make things worse, a shortage of construction materials! In this context, the special topic of this edition of GeoResources Journal ‘Safe, resource-saving, efficient construction methods, products and materials’ could not be more timely.

Construction materials • Shortage • Raw material security • Supply chains • Innovation


Biodegradable Nonwovens have proven their Worth

Naue GmbH & Co. KG

Biodegradable nonwovens are suitable for temporary uses and applications where the release of plastic fragments cannot be ruled out. Two successful applications of Secutex Green G1 in civil engineering are described.

Geotechnics • Sustainability • Construction product • Nonwoven • Environment • Resource efficiency


The Cable Car Network of La Paz in Bolivia – Reinforcement of Transportation Infrastructure

Freddy Lopez and Racquel Nottingham

The metropolitan area of La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia has a population of around two million people. Because of its hilly topography and the limited area available for geographical expansion, the rapid growth of La Paz led to massive urban development on steep slopes nearby. A cable car network was successfully implemented to interconnect the different districts. The complex geological and geotechnical conditions lead to repreated landslide occurrences in the densely populated areas, resulting in damage, and to significant risk to life and infrastructure. This paper discusses a particular failure mechanism potentially affecting the stability of vital elements of the cable car network. Based on analysis, a reinforcement solution with self-drilling soil nails is proposed.

Geotechnics • Landslide • Risk analysis • Reinforcement • Micropiles • Bolivia 



Creating Potential for Workload Reduction – an IT Solution for Specialist Foundation Construction

GeoResources Team in an interview with Jochen Maurer

The GeoResources Team met with Jochen Maurer, the managing director of GmbH, to discuss efficiency improvements in the field of special foundation construction. His company provides construction firms with an IT platform for initiatives of this kind.

Geotechnics • Special foundation construction • Digitisation • Data acquisition • Efficiency • Software


Challenging Design and Excavation of huge Parking Caverns in Jerusalem

Roland Herr

A technically challenging project is under construction. Two huge underground parking caverns are being built in Jerusalem close to the historic Temple Mount. A modern business hub is being developed.

Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Caverns • Excavation • Parking facility • Israel


Demand-oriented Ventilation in Tunnel Construction

Matthias Papesch

Fresh air is essential when carrying out tunnelling work underground. The CFH Group offers innovative energy- and cost-efficient solutions for ventilation during tunnel construction – as adopted for the Kramer Tunnel in Bavaria.

Tunnelling • Ventilation • Innovation • Energy efficiency • Cost efficiency • Case study


Refurbishment of the German Kuckuckslay Tunnel with the ‘Tunnel-in-Tunnel Method’

Roland Herr

The Kuckuckslay Tunnel in Germany built in 1871 was refurbished using the tunnel-in-tunnel method. Rail operations were able to continue during the enlargement and rebuilding.

Tunnelling • Refurbishment • Tunnel-in-tunnel method • Rail operation • Efficiency • Safety


BIM for the Maintenance and Operation of Road Tunnels – Project Aims, Modelling Work and underlying Requirements

Hendrik Wahl, Götz Vollmann, Markus Thewes, Markus König, Marcel Stepien, Werner Riepe, Ferdinand Weißbrod and Anne Lehan

The research project FE 15.0623/2016/RRB ‘BIM in Tunnelling’ is currently laying down the foundations for a BIM-based operating model for road tunnels. This includes a consideration of existing model-theory principles along with an additional survey of the requirements of builder-owners and operators with reference to the operational issues arising during the life cycle of the facility.

Tunnelling • Tunnel operation • Digitisation • BIM • Modelling • Research


Mechanical Rock Excavation versus Drilling and Blasting

Karl-Heinz Wennmohs

The choice between mechanical equipment and drilling and blasting for the rock excavation will depend to a large extent on the prevailing geological conditions, but will also be driven by a consideration of the benefits and drawbacks associated with each method. This article provides suggestions aimed at helping with the decision making process.

Mining • Tunnelling • Roadheading • Processes • Development • Drill and blast

   Geotechnics/Mining/Raw materials   

Tailings and Mine Residues in the Extractive Industries – a global Challenge for Humanity and the Environment

Peter von Hartlieb and Katrin Brummermann

Climate and environment protection are vital for maintaining human life on this planet. The predicted and ongoing increase in population is just one of the factors that pose a challenge to the sufficiency of raw material supplies – and this despite the efforts being made towards an energy transition and the conservation of resources. The tailings and residues produced by the extractive industries require safer, more environmentally friendly and more economic solutions. This applies particularly in the case of muddy tailings and with regard to the effects of climate change. This article seeks to examine the tailings issue in all its complexity.

Mining • Geotechnics • Raw materials • Tailings • Safety • Environmental protection


Exploration Targeting for small-scale Gold Mining Operations in the Dunkwa Area, Ghana

Andreas Barth, Samuel Torkornoo, Kwame Boamah, Andreas Brosig, Delira Hanelli, Stefan Schäfer, Ekow Bartels and Daniel Boamah

The key objective of an investigation programme in Ghana was to develop new exploitation targets suitable for artisanal and small-scale mining. The method used can help drive similar activities in Ghana and in other countries.

Mining • Exploration • Geology • Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) • Case study • Ghana


Red Dog Mine Alaska: Ground Improvement in Permafrost

Bauer Group

Red Dog Mine is located in a geological permafrost area in Alaska. Bauer Foundation Corp. was tasked with carrying out field tests using the jet grouting and Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) methods for ground improvement.

Mining • Geotechnics • USA • Alaska • Permafrost • Testing • CSM


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