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    A Word on ...

German Mining Machinery Manufacturers back on the Road to Success – Tasks remain to be done

Michael Schulte Strathaus

Mining machinery manufacturers from Germany are pleased about an increase in incoming orders. The manufacturers invest a lot in future technologies, especially ongoing automation and digitization. VDMA Mining uses international conferences to get together with users and research institutes and to support the positive trend.

Mining • Manufacturer • Supplier • Germany • Growth • Export • Digitization



Flood Protection in Germany – Sludge Removal from the Saxon Radeburg I Reservoir with a Suction Dredge and Geotextile Tubes

Howard Murray and Rob J. M. Wortelboer

In 2014, the State Dam Administration of Saxony (LTV) in Germany used geotextile dewatering tubes for the first time in the removal of sludge from a flood-retention reservoir. The article explains the dewatering method and its use for the Radeburg reservoir near Dresden

Geotechnics • Flood protection • Geosynthetics • Dewatering • Efficiency


Geotechnical Investigations of Dams with mobile LIDAR and photogrammetric Systems

Julian Hofmann, Martin Löwen and Richard A. Herrmann

3D surveys with mobile LIDAR and photogrammetric systems facilitate profile analyses, localisation of weak points and the detection of deformations at dam structures. The article examines innovative measurements and analyses and the utilisation of the results for stability investigations taking the example of the Alfhausen-Rieste flood control reservoir in Lower Saxony.

Geotechnics • Flood protection • Structural studies • Monitoring • Laser scanning • Drones  • Geo Information Systems

    Geotechnics – Product news   

World Record in Rockfall Protection

Paul Braun

In October 2017 the mark of 10,000 kJ of impact energy in rockfall protection has been broken. At the Geobrugg test site a 30-meter-long and 7-meter-high net installed on a rock wall stopped the impact energy of a 25-ton concrete block.

Geotechnics • Rock fall protection • Testing • Innovation • Natural disaster • Climate change

    Tunnelling – Product news   

Expansion of Métro Line 14 in Paris – Fischer Steel Anchors fix Power Lines

Katharina Maria Siegel

The existing métro route 14 in Paris has been expanded by six kilometres and five new stations. Fischer steel anchors were used to securely fix the power lines.

Tunnelling • Fit out • Fixing technology • Infrastructure • Public transport • France

    Tunnelling – Product News   

Huge Demand on TBM Tunnelling in Turkey

Roland Herr

In Istanbul solutions for urban transportation are urgently needed and actually 30 to 40 km metro lines are under construction The Canadian-Chinese Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd. is successful to deliver eight more TBMs for two metro projects.

Tunnelling • TBM • Turkey • Metro • Transportation • Infrastructure

    Tunnelling – Product News   

Tunnels sealed with Geomembranes: ­Securing the Inner Lining Reinforcement in Position through innovative Anchors

Marc Meissner, Ludwig Meese und Felix Meese

Measures to secure the inner lining reinforcement can be necessary in special cases in trenchless tunnels with geomembranes. This report introduces innovative anchors jointly devised by the Meese GmbH and the Naue Sealing GmbH & Co. KG, which avoid penetrations of the seal and constraints. They have already been used successfully in practice.

Tunnelling • Sealing • Innovation • Inner lining • Geosynthetics • Anchoring technology


Preweakening of Rock – a Renaissance for hard Rock Cutting?

Matthias Philipp, Bastian Späth and Thomas Bartnitzki

Cutting excavation techniques coupled with methods designed to preweaken hard rock can represent the key for the economic continuous extraction of some of the world’s most valuable raw material resources. At the Rock Cutting Centre at Aachen University (RWTH) hard rock samples were preweakened with high-pressure water jets and subsequently investigated using modern cutting concepts to establish their cutting technological implications.

Mining • Extraction • Cutting Technology • Hard rock • Research • Efficiency


The Global Minerals Industry in 2017 as seen from Australia – Part 1

Frank Leschhorn

This two-part article gives an overview on the global markets for solid minerals resources, including the main demand parameters, reserves and production figures, supplying countries and producers, economic realities, influence of product quality, geopolitical issues and future trends. This Part 1 is especially dealing with the prominent role of China and other Asia in the resources industry, general information on the markets of major commodities, energy supply, including renewables and the future role of coal in power production and steel industry.

Mining • Australia • China • Germany • Global • Raw materials • Energy • Coal markets


Bucket Wheel Excavator Barracuda – A revolutionary new Mining Concept

Ulrich Mentges, Julian Walther and Stefan Ebert

For mining in hard materials with a compressive strength of up to 50 MPa, Thyssenkrupp has developed the Barracuda bucket wheel excavator. With an improved steel structure and innovative bucket wheel the field of application of bucket wheel excavators is widened from digging only to cutting and digging. It thus bears a huge potential for a step change and to reach considerable improvements and cost reductions in mining operations. This article explains the potential.

Mining • Machinery • Bucket wheel excavator • Innovation • Development • Open pit • Efficiency


The Building of two Freeze Shafts ­commissioned in Belarus

Frank Otten

The Deilmann-Haniel GmbH has been commissioned by the Slavkaliy GmbH to sink two freeze shafts each roughly 750 m for the new Nezhinsky facility to the south of Minsk in Belarus. The annual output is planned to be around 1.1 to 1.2 million tonnes of potassium chloride. Both shafts are to be sunk by Shaft Boring Roadheaders (SBRs). German, Belarusian and Russian workers will be employed.

Mining • Shaft construction • Potash • Freezing method • Belarus


Improvement of Methods of Strength ­Calculation for Pipeline Flange Joints

Konstantin Myagkov, Rustem Gaffarov, Alexej Zich, Dimitir Serikov and Konstantin H. Shotidi

Industries attribute major importance to the durability and reliability of pipelines including the flange joints. Existing methods of flange joint calculations and neglected factors are discussed. Improvements are proposed particularly with regard to the applicability of the finite element method.

Energy • Pipeline • Joint • Flange • Calculation • Safety


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