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   A Word on ...

Germany’s Raw Materials

Thorsten Diercks

Even after the cessation of hard coal mining in late 2018, Germany remains a raw materials producer, where lignite, potash and salt, ceramic resources, industrial minerals, mineral oil and natural gas are mined. The knowledge acquired from German mining can also be exploited to overcome global raw materials issues.

Raw materials • Germany • Securing resources • Knowledge


Application of Gabion Structures in the Transport Infrastructure

Frank Heimbecher and Lukas Tophoff

Gabion structures are increasingly being used in the transport infrastructure. Especially internal stability and connectors have to be verified by means of system tests simply because no generally valid models are yet available. This article is dealing with the relevant codes of practice currently available and findings derived from tests on internal stability and connectors relating to back-anchoring with geogrids.

Geotechnics • Retaining structures • Gabions • Geogrids • Codes of Practice • Tests


Bridge “Brug van den Azijn” in Belgium – 75° inclined Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

Francesco Masola, Giulia Lugli and Michael Arndt

The architects of Bridge “Brug van den Azijn” (Vinegar Bridge) in Antwerp, Belgium, designed a challenging facade. Maccaferri had to adapt the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall system “MacRes System” to meet the challenging requirements.

Geotechnics • Reinforced earth • Bridge • Concrete • Geosynthetics • Belgium


Innovative Resealing of Segment Joints by Means of Injection Needles

Götz Tintelnot

Leaky segment joints can be resealed efficiently directly through the joint by means of an injection drill needle. This article explains the innovative, cost-saving “keyhole technology”.

Tunnelling • Injection technology  •  Sealing • Resealing • Efficiency • Innovation


Open Spaces: Overcoming Caverns and Voids at France’s Galerie des Janots

Desiree Willis

An open-type, Main Beam TBM manufactured by The Robbins Company is excavating the challenging 2.8 km long drive of the Galerie des Janots in France to improve water supply. The contractor Eiffage Civile engineering and the TBM have to overcome caverns and other challenges.

Tunnelling • TBM • Geology • Cavern • Water supply • France


Composite Pile Roofs as Alternative to conventional Pipe Umbrellas in Tunnelling

Frank von Havranek

Pipe umbrellas have proved their worth in tunnelling for temporary supporting during driving – especially in the critical area involving the advancing wall and working face in the case of rocks with low cohesion, shallow overburdens, tunnel entrances and fault zones. Composite pile roofs made of steel supporting members with small cross-sections and dynamic grouting offer an alternative to conventional pipe umbrellas. The bearing behaviour and the execution of composite pile roofs as well as pros and cons vis-à-vis conventional pipe umbrellas are examined and unclarities discussed.

Tunnelling • Pipe umbrella • Composite pile roof • Modelling • Shotcrete

   Tunnelling and Product News   

Innovative Load Distribution Plate for Segments

Arno Korte

When excavations are held up, segments can be subjected to the elements for excessively long periods prior to being installed in the tunnel. A new weather-resistant load distribution plate is intended to prevent damage quite apart from making assembly more efficient and secure catering for more straightforward logistics.

Tunnelling • Segment • Product development • Efficiency • HSE • Building operation

   Geotechnics and Mining    

Large Scale Monitoring using Brillouin Optical Fibre Sensor Systems in the Fields of Geotechnics and Mining

Stephan Großwig, Jürgen Glötzl, Maria-Barbara Schaller and Ulrich Weber

The potential of advanced fibre optical Brillouin Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensor (DSTS) based systems for both safety monitoring of infrastructure as well as early visualization of man-made geological hazards such as occur at all historical mining areas has been demonstrated in various projects.

Mining • Tunnelling • Geotechnics • Infrastructure • Monitoring • Measuring technology • Ground movement • Research


EU “Blue Mining” Project – Building a large-scale Test System and Flow Tests for vertical Transport Systems in Deep Sea Mining

Toni Müller, Jort van Vijk and Helmut Mischo

An important goal of the European “Blue Mining” research project was to further develop vertical transport systems for deep sea mining. Findings from case studies, modelling and investigations on lab scale had to be validated under realistic conditions. Towards this end, the TU Bergakademie in conjunction with the IHC MTI B. V., Delft, Netherlands developed a large-scale test system in an abandoned mine shaft and conducted an initial series of flow tests for the vertical transportation of solids/water mixtures. This article deals with the planning, building and trials with the large-scale system, the execution of the tests as well as initial results.

Mining • Deep sea mining • Research • Flow tests • Vertical transport systems • Measuring technology


Automated Lubrication: Retrofit Pilot Project in a German Quarry

Nikolaus Fecht

The Stone Age has a Future – with this slogan, the quarry company SVA on the Swabian Alb is promoting an industry that is currently booming – not simply because there are so many ongoing road construction projects in Germany. For the project to run smoothly, it relies on its production equipment always being operational, and in turn on its automated lubrication. Bielomatik’s retrofit pilot project demonstrates how all this works.

Geotechnics • Mining • Quarry • Construction material • Stone and earth • Equipment • Maintenance

   Mining, Tunnelling and Geotechnics    

Shafts for Woodsmith Mine in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom

GeoResources Team

In North Yorkshire a deep underground mine ist being constructed by Sirius Minerals Plc. The mine will extract polyhalite, a high-quality organic fertiliser. All mining and transportion operations will take place underground. The main focus of this article are the service, production and tunnelling shafts.

Mining • Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Shaft ­sinking • Diaphragm wall





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