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   A Word on ...   

Katharina Schmitz

On the Potential and Sustainability of water-based Hydraulics

The corona crisis and climate change have created a new set of challenges. Political support for economic activity, both in Germany and in the EU in general, is now quite deliberately focussed on climate and environmental protection. Water-based hydraulics have a contribution to make towards the implementation of these policy objectives.

Hydraulics • Drive technology • Sustainability •Environmental protection • Policy making • Occupational safety

   Tunnelling/Mining/Company News   


The CFH Group – Pooling technical Know-how and Reinforcing its global Presence with an expanding Range of Services

Operating from its Gladbeck HQ the CFH group of companies continues to pursue an active development path even in these crisis-hit times, pooling its technical expertise in air technology, working towards a stronger global presence and expanding its service portfolio.

Tunnelling • Mining • Ventilation • Know-how • Global • Subsidiaries • Market presence • Service


Thomas Labda und Catrin Tarnowski

Pit Thermal Energy Storages (PTES) with innovative Sealing for a successful Energy Turnaround

The use of renewable energies and a successful energy turnaround require suitable storage facilities to compensate for time differences between the generation and the use of energy. Pit Thermal Energy Storages are a proven solution for district heating. Their sealing poses particular challenges, and these are explained in this article.

Geotechnics • Storage pits • Sealing • Renewable ­energies • Geosynthetics


Torsten Buddenberg and Christian Bergins

‘Green’ Hydrogen Production on a commercial Scale with Underground Storage and Heat Extraction

Hydrogen from renewable energy sources will in future be produced by electrolysis on a commercial scale and stockpiled for energy storage purposes. This paper discusses the cost and efficiency aspects of the production and underground storage processes.

Mining • Energy • Geotechnics • Hydrogen • Underground storage


Yan-feng Zhuang, Guangxin Li and Herbert Klapperich

Archaeological Study on Reinforced Soil for Hydraulic Engineering in ancient China

Based on detailed historical data, the application history of reinforced soil in hydraulic engineering in China is studied. Archaeological research shows that ‘grass wrapped sludge’ technique was invented in ancient China about 5,000 years ago and the technique was widely used in dam construction for flood control, river regulation and breach blocking. Geosynthetic reinforcement and protection techniques were introduced to China only in the 1960s to 1970s, while the application of reinforced soil in hydraulic engineering has a much longer history. Geosynthetics reinforcement is inheritance and development of ancient wisdom for modern civilisation.

Geotechnics • Reinforced earth • History • Archaeology • Hydraulic engineering • Geosynthetics • Sustainability • China


Roland Herr

Swiss Tunnel Congress 2020 goes digital

For the first time in its long history this year’s Swiss Tunnel Congress (STC) was arranged as a webinar event due to the corona pandemic. The organisers successfully mastered the challenges posed by the new format and the congress and colloquium provided participants with a wide range of high-calibre presentations.

Tunnelling • Switzerland • Conference • STC • Webinar • Online


The GeoResources Team in an interview with Dieter Mantwill

Eco-friendly hydraulic Fluid offers real Versatility

Environment-friendly hydraulic fluid, as developed over the course of three decades and already well proven in the German coal industry, offers versatile potential for use in a wide range of applications. The GeoResources Team interviewed Dieter Mantwill, the managing partner of Fluid-Competence GmbH, on the relevant prospects and opportunities.

Interview • Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Mining • Hydraulics • Environmental protection • Occupational safety

   Mining/Tunnelling/Product News   

   Thilo Pfister   

Underground Materials Handling with efficient Transfer from horizontal to vertical Conveying

The Siemag Tecberg Group has developed a bulk materials handling system that can efficiently transfer the direction of flow from horizontal to vertical. This article examines the benefits of the system.

Mining • Tunnelling • Product news • Efficiency • Bulk ­conveying • Underground mining


Karl-Heinz Wennmohs

Innovative Developments in Mobile Loading and Transport Equipment for the Mining I­ndustry

After many years without any significant developments in transport technology the deep mining industry is now signalling a new mood of invigoration in the market for mobile loaders and haulage equipment. Electric-drive vehicles are now suddenly gaining ready acceptance in this sector.

Mining • Transport equipments • E-mobility  • Innovation • Emissions • Market developments

   Mining/Tunnelling/Product News   

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Rescue Vehicle for long-distance Emergency Missions in Mines and Tunnels – a field-proven tactical Resource for Underground Safety

The MRV 9000 rescue vehicle was designed for use in underground mines and tunnels where long travelling distances are involved. Developed jointly by Paus and Dräger this specialised vehicle provides greater transport safety for recovered persons and rescue teams and has already proven itself in the field over several years.

Mining • Tunnelling • Safety • Mines and tunnel rescue teams • Specialised vehicle


Thomas Radtke and Lucas Ziegler

Flow Simulation boosts Efficiency in the Salt and Potash Industry

The salt and potash industry has not been dragging its heels when it comes to the ongoing improvement of mining and production techniques – with the solution mining process used at the Bethune mine in Canada being a case in point. Modern software tools offer efficient numerical methods for flow simulation that can identify and develop optimisation potential, boost efficiency and help introduce innovative operational procedures. The result can be higher product quality, improved customer satisfaction and the added benefit of lower costs.

Mining • Solution mining • Potash salt • Efficiency • Canada


Peter Simon

Consolidation of Fracture Zones in the Russian Ore Mining Industry

Geological fault zones in a number of non-ferrous metal ore mines in Russia have caused roof falls and roadway collapses that have severely hampered roadway drivage operations, affected mine ventilation systems and compromised worker safety. Injection bolts have proved to be a cost-effective solution to these recurring problems.

Mining • Supports • Rockbolting systems • Injection technology • Russia



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