GeoResources Journal 3-2021 – Special Topic: Sustainability, Environment and Climate Protection

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Special Topic: Sustainability, environment and climate protection

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   A Word on ...    

No Time for Dithering

Katrin Brummermann

Those who take an interest in sustainability and environment and climate protection will find something to interest them in the technical articles that are published in this edition of GeoResources Journal. Moreover, taking a look ‘outside the professional box’ can provide inspiration for creative thought and action.

A Word on ... • Sustainability • Environment • Climate protection • Creative power


Remediation of contaminated Sediments in Surface Waters using active Geocomposites

Stefan Niewerth and Markus Wilke

The innovative method of active sediment capping with active geocomposites enables environmentally protective, low-risk and efficient remediation of surface waters containing polluted sediments. This article explains active geocomposites and compares the remediation method of active sediment capping, which has already been proven in North America and Scandinavia in particular, with conventional methods. The practicality of the system is illustrated by the example of a remediation in Sydney in Australia with significant contamination of the sediments with PAHs and TPHs.

Geotechnics • Hydraulic engineering • Environmental protection • Contaminated sites • Remediation • Geocomposites


Sustainable Climate Protection in Hydraulic ­Engineering with innovative River Mattresses for Bank Protection

Michael Arndt and Francesco Masola

Innovative river mattresses are known to contribute to sustainable climate protection (up to –82 % CO2), to saving of natural resources and to cost reduction (up to –73 % layer thickness) in hydraulic engineering. This article presents the product development and the intended sustainable impacts.

Geotechnics • Hydraulic engineering • Bank protection • Innovation • Climate protection • CO2 reduction • Project management

   Mining/Company News   

Exprotec – FairCap acquires two Providers of Underground and industrial electrical ­Equipment from Bartec

FairCap GmbH

FairCap has successfully completed the acquisition of two manufacturing plants from Bartec Group. The acquired sites formed the “Mining” business division of the Bartec Group.

Mining • Underground • Supplier • Transaction


Rockfall Protection on Traffic Routes

Eberhard Gröner

Many traffic routes in the area of the Alps and in the mountain regions of central European require reliable and economical rockfall protection. Flexible systems with nets made of high-tensile steel wire have demonstrated their effectiveness in many projects in recent years.

Geotechnics • Traffic routes • Natural hazards • Environment • Rockfall protection • Safety


Application of BIM Models for the Restoration and Renovation of Railway Tunnels

Heiner Fromm, Jürgen Schmitt, Lukas Schilder and Stephan Nink

The paper presents the findings obtained from a study into the use of 3D BIM technology for the restoration and renovation of railway tunnels.

Tunnelling • BIM • Restoration • Renovation • Railway


Fire-retardant TenCate Polyfelt® non-woven Geotextile for several Tunnels in Croatia

Vlatka Marinkovic

TenCate Geosynthetics supplied a fire-retardant polypropylene non-woven for three new tunnels along the access road to the Peljesac bridge  in Croatia which will be one of the largest bridges in Europe in the future.

Tunnelling • Sealing • Geosynthetics • Geotextile • Croatia • Customer-specific product


Pipe Jacking under special ­Conditions: Crossing below a Set of Railtracks and above an Underground Railway Tunnel

Dennis Edelhoff

The renaturation of the river Emscher included a pipe jacking operation that had to cross under a sensitive set of railtracks and then immediately afterwards pass above an underground rail tunnel pipe. The team involved in planning and executing the project had to overcome particular challenges to ensure that the existing infrastructure was well protected throughout the operation.

Tunnelling • Pipe jacking • Safety • Monitoring • Track crossing • Traffic infrastructure


New Profile Shape for Segment Ring Sealings

Sealable Solutions GmbH

A new patented profile prevents against concrete spalling on segments.

Tunnelling • Segment • Sealing • Profile


Natural Resource Conservation and Product Sustainability: Steel-cord Conveyor Belt Regeneration with Retrofit 360°

Carsten Möbius

The full remoulding of steel-cord conveyor belts represents a sustainable and cost-saving alternative to new procurement. The following paper

explains the method used and the advantages and drawbacks of this technology.

Mining • Conveyor systems • Conveyor belts • Retrofit • Sustainability


Increasing social Acceptance in the Management of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)

Tobias Rudolph and Peter Goerke-Mallet

Ensuring social acceptance for mining projects, and especially when it comes to settling ponds for mine tailings, is a huge challenge. Modern geomonitoring integrates data obtained from orbiting satellites, from overflying aircraft and from the surface of the ground, as well as from below it, to create a transparent and space and time-referenced process understanding. Geomonitoring technology is therefore an important tool for risk management and communication over the course of the mining lifecycle.

Mining • Geotechnics • Tailings • Operator responsibility • Acceptance • Geomonitoring • Risk management


NEXT – New Exploration Technologies Project fulfils Expectations

Juha Kaija, Vesa Nykänen and Torsten Gorka

European Union Horizon 2020 project NEXT was created to develop new geomodels, novel sensitive exploration technologies and data analysis methods which together are fast, cost-effective, environmentally safe and, potentially more acceptable to local actors and communities.

Mining • Exploration • Innovation • Research • European Union




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