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Innovative coastal Protection – a technical and social Challenge

Holger Schüttrumpf and Peter Fröhle

Space-saving, nature-orientated, economic and safe coastal protection in spite of the consequences of climate change represents a major challenge. Changes and innovative developments are needed for this to be mastered.

Flood protection • Dike construction • Innovation • Nature conservation • Cost efficiency


Uplift Reinforcement for the multi-storey ­Edificio Piedra Real in Concepción in Chile

Freddy Lopez and Juan Manuel Fernandez

Rapid urban development in Chile has resulted in higher buildings and deeper excavation pits. This article describes the challenges to achieve uplift and seismic safety of the eighteen-storey Edificio Piedra Real in Concepción in Chile. The main focus is on the geotechnical design and the durability of the permanent uplift reinforcement using micropiles. Furthermore, the interaction with other relevant aspects is discussed.

Geotechnics • Urban development • Uplift • Seismicity • Reinforcement • Micropiles • Safety • Chile


Technical Protection against Rockfall – Design, Monitoring and Maintenance according to the Austrian Guideline ONR 24810

Ahren Bichler, Gernot Stelzer and Maik Hamberger

In 2008, the European directive ETAG 027 was published. The directive presents a harmonized approach to product testing and does not deal with the application, design and monitoring. This article discusses the normative guidelines in the Austrian standard ONR 24810 with regard to design, monitoring and maintenance.

Geotechnics • Natural disasters • Rockfall protection • Regulation • Design • Monitoring • Maintenance • Austria

    Geotechnics and Product News    

Neckar Bridge in Stuttgart - Gabions for Working Platforms installed underwater

Michael Arndt and Thomas Groß

The Neckar Bridge as part of the Stuttgart 21 project, required the installation of bored piles for the foundations. Off-site prefilled gabions have been used to build temporary work platforms due to limited space.

Geotechnics • Hydraulic engineering • Gabion • Construction management • Logistics


The Fehmarn Belt Tunnel: A Megaproject for connecting Europe

Ajs Dam

The megaproject Fehmarn Belt Tunnel will connect mainland Europe and Scandinavia. Femern A/S expects the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link construction to start in 2020. The project will feature some of the most advanced and innovative technology in terms of its design and construction.

Tunnelling • Infrastructure • Major projects • Immersed tunnel • Scandinavia • Europe


Damage to segmental Lining of Tunnels during the Construction Phase – Causes and Avoidance Strategies

Dennis Edelhoff and Thomas Berner

Mechanised tunnelling with segmental lining is an established and economic method for producing long tunnels in particular. The reinforced concrete prefabricated parts can be precisely dimensioned and measured for the operating state; whereas the assembly and methodical states can largely not be determined through calculation. As numerous project analyses indicate, damage frequently occurs in such cases, which can affect the serviceability and sometimes even the stability of the tunnel tubes. This article analyses the causes of damage and discusses strategies to reduce damage resulting from influences resulting from methods applied during the construction phase.

Tunnelling • TBM • Segment • Damage • Construction management

    Tunnelling and Product News    

Underwater Marieholm Tunnel connects the Banks of the Göta älv River in Sweden

Peri GmbH

Due to the increase in traffic volume in the second largest city in Sweden the Marieholm Tunnel is being realized and will ensure that the river Göta älv can be quickly crossed. Peri Sweden and Züblin Scandinavia AB created a cost-effective formwork solution to produce  the three tunnel segments in a dry dock.

Tunnelling • Immersed tunnel • Scaffolding • Efficiency • Sweden


The Global Minerals Industry in 2017 as seen from Australia – Part 2

Frank Leschhorn

The two-part article gives an overview on the global markets for minerals resources, including the main demand parameters, reserves and production figures, supplying countries and producers, economic realities, influence of product quality, geopolitical issues and future trends. This Part 2 is especially dealing with the commodities steel and iron ore, base metals, technology minerals, salt, potash, phosphate and uranium. Productivity costs and prices are discussed and exotic mining is mentioned.

Mining • Commodities • Technologies • Industry players • Markets • Australia • China • Germany • Global

    Energy and Think tank    

Milestone in the Development of a large Battery in underground Salt Caverns – Successful Test for one of the Key Components

Dietmar Bücker

EWE Gasspeicher GmbH, Oldenburg in Germany, currently operates 38 caverns in Germany and uses these for storing natural gas. In cooperation with the University of Jena EWE Gasspeicher plans to build a large battery in underground salt caverns. The so-called brine4power project has recently achieved a significant milestone.

Energy • Power • Storage • Cavern • Research • Development • Think tank

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