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   A Word on ...

“Creating Spaces” or “Less is more”

Katrin Brummermann

Are creative phases lacking in your life? Time for creating spaces can provide a remedy.

Creativity • Spaces • Planning • Trade Journal


Polymer Injection Groutings in hydraulic ­Engineering Dam Structures

Ulf Helbig, Vladislava Kostkanová and Götz Tintelnot

Hydraulic earth dams, e. g. dikes, often possess inadequate or even no waterproofing so that seepage can occur possibly affecting the stability during impounding. Within the scope of a R+D project, a Low Pressure Injection (LPI) method for soft grounds was developed, capable of achieving a higher sealing level through the application of acrylate gels. The focus is directed at eliminating leaks in seals, the connecting areas between the earth and massive structure as well as crossings. Mixing the granular structure with the injection grout substantially improves the shear and uniaxial compressive strength and significantly reduces the hydraulic conductivity in the grouted soil matrix.

Geotechnics • Hydraulic engineering • Dam construction • Injection technology • Research • Test technology


Building with Geosynthetics in the Stuttgart-Ulm Major Project of the Deutsche Bahn AG – Part 1
Waterproofing the Track to protect the Groundwater

Markus Hempel and Andreas Stimm

Geosynthetics are being used in different areas and for different purposes in the Deutsche Bahn AG’s Stuttgart-Ulm major project. Part 1 of a series of articles examines waterproofing the Track on the Alb Plateau section with geomembranes.

Geotechnis • Tunnelling • Geosynthetics • Major project • Waterproofing • Germany


Micropiling in Urban Infrastructure: Advantages, Experience and Challenges

Freddy Lopez and Giorgio Severi

Increasing urbanization places high demands on urban infrastructure. New infrastructure is required and existing facilities have to be extended. Intraurban interventions causing the least possible disturbance are frequently carried out in densely populated and built-up areas within a tight timeframe. Micropiling can contribute towards satisfying the challenges. This article presents infrastructure projects using self-drilling micropiles in four areas: public services, transportation, telecommunications and heritage conservation. The special requirements are briefly described, and the geotechnical solutions presented. Finally, a summary of micropiling in urban areas is given.

Geotechnics • Infra­structure • Urbanization • Micropiling • Construction • Retrofitting


Attenuator System for Rockfall Protection – Presentation of an innovative ­Dimensioning Concept

Helene Hofmann and Andi Buechi

Geobrugg developed together with international experts an attenuator protection solution which can be efficiently dimensioned. This low maintenance rockfall protection was presented in Canada.

­Geotechnics • ­Rockfall • ­Protection • ­Efficiency • ­Dimensioning ­concept • ­Canada

   Company News and Conference   

20 Years Anniversary of Geoconsult Asia Singapore

Roland Herr

Geoconsult Asia Singapore celebrated with more than 200 guests and employ­ees 20 years of successful and reliable operation not only in Singapore, but in the whole Asia-Pacific region. On occasion of this anniversary, Geoconsult organized a technical symposium in September 2018 presenting some of the most interesting topics of the world wide operating company.

Tunnelling • Infrastructure • Symposium • Jubilee • Asia • Singapore


Freezing Operations for Cross-Passages in the Tunnel beneath the Suez Canal in Egypt

Ralf Böttcher and Benedikt Strobel

The Deilmann-Haniel GmbH is executing freezing operations to produce the cross-passages in the road tunnel beneath the Suez Canal in Egypt. This article deals with the technical and construction operational challenges.

Tunnelling • Freezing • Cross-passage • Construction management • Egypt


A 10 Tauern Motorway near Zederhaus in ­Austria – Infiltration-proof geosynthetic ­System for Noise Reduction Tunnel

Herbert Lassnig

The Asfinag (Austrian Motorway and Highway Financing Corporation) invested in a complex noise protection measure on the A 10 motorway near Zederhaus. The Huesker Synthetic GmbH devised an innovative, infiltration-proof sealing system made of geosynthetics for the noise reduction tunnel produced by cut-and-cover.

Tunnelling • Enclosure • Sealing • Geosynthetics • Noise protection • Austria

   Tunnelling and Interview   

About Tunnelling in China

Roland Herr

Roland Herr interviewed Professor Jenny Yan. She is currently the Vice President of the ITA; Vice President of the Chinese Tunnelling and Underground Works Society of CCES and Deputy General Manager of China Railway Academy Co., Ltd.

Tunnelling • Interview • China


CTUC – International Chinese Tunnel and ­Underground Works Conference in Chuzhou

Roland Herr

With more than 1,600 chinese and about 130 international tunnel experts, the Chinese Tunnelling and Underground Works Society of CCES (China Civil Engineering Society) very successfully organized the 20th Chinese Tunnel and Underground Works Conference (CTUC) in 2018.

Tunnelling • Conference • China • International

   Mining and Geotechnics   

New English Book about Hydrogeology

Peter Goerke-Mallet

The classic German book about hydrogeology by Hölting and Coldewey is now available in English as well.

Mining • Geotechnics • Book review • Hydrogeology • New publication


Blast Performance Improvement using ­Stemming Plugs at Limestone Quarries in the Salt Range of Pakistan

Shakeel Ahmad and Muhammad Zaka Emad

Stemming inside a blast hole plays a vital role for optimizing blast results. Blasting may result in issues like flyrock and an unnecessary number of boulders. At some sites, blasted material does not move laterally to generate good throw with blasting. As a solution to the existing problems, newly developed stemming plugs have been tested on-site to check their performance. This paper presents blasting tests using stemming plugs on limestone quarries in the Salt Range of Pakistan. The results demonstrate better fragmentation with a reduced number of boulders and better throw of blasted material. The productivity of loading operations increases and the overall operational costs at quarries can be reduced.

Mining • Quarry • Pakistan • Blasting • Stemming plugs • On-site tests • Efficiency

   Mining and Tunnelling   

CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic successfully completes Cooling Projects

The CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic recently accomplished international cooling projects with innovative solutions to ventilate tunnel drives and mines as well as shaft sinking schemes in conjunction with the WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik GmbH.

Mining • Tunnelling • Aeration • bauma • Dedusting • Ventilation • Cooling

   Mining, Tunnelling and Geotechnics   

Creating a near-zero Hazard Working Environment leveraging IoT

Sukamal Banerjee

Many accidents occur every day in working environments – avoidable and unavoidable by unforeseeable events. HCL’s Worker Safety solution aims to make risk-oriented occupations safer and to create a near-zero hazard working environment.

Mining • Tunnelling • Product News • HSE • Digitalization • Internet of Things (IoT) • Cost reduction


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