GeoResources Journal 4-2021 – Special Topic: Innovative Construction and Mining Machinery, Vehicles and Plants

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We are pleased to present to you the current edition of the English Journal GeoResources.

Special Topic: Innovative construction and mining machinery, vehicles and plants

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“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” or “In the Midst of Difficulty lies Opportunity”

Katrin Brummermann and Manfred König

Despite all the difficulties, necessity breeds inventiveness and opportunities emerge from difficulties. This edition of GeoResources Journal presents ideas and creative solutions for major current challenges – and these are also highlighted in the special topic “Innovative construction and mining machines, vehicles and plants”.

People • Future • Technology • Responsibility • Geotechnics • Tunnelling • Mining

   A Word on ...   

An Opportunity to meet face-to-face – ­bauma 2022

Klaus Stöckmann

bauma 2022 showcases future developments and innovations in the construction, building materials and mining machinery industries. As the sector’s foremost event bauma has introduced a meticulous and dedicated hygiene plan designed to facilitate face-to-face meetings and provide a platform for interaction and discussion.

A Word on ... • Construction and mining machinery • bauma • Innovation • Sustainability • Digitisation • Zero emission


Bavarian 2021 Lighthouse Project – geothermically activated mixed-in-place Ground Improvement Method (MIP)

Bauer Group

Bauer Resources GmbH and Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH have been distinguished as 2021 lighthouse project by the Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria.

Geotechnics • Geothermal Energy • Innovation • Sustainability • Foundation


BIM for multi-dimensional nD Modelling of deep Excavation Pits

Janosch Sauerbrey, Jürgen Schmitt and Hendrik Ramm

The article describes the expertise and experience acquired from modelling on 3D, 4D and 5D levels as part of the BIM planning of a deep-level pit excavation. The focus is on the practical integration of geotechnical calculation software and the modelling of building times and costs.

Geotechnics • BIM • Excavation pit • Modelling


Las Colinas 2001 Landslide – Study on Mitigation through Slope Reinforcement

Racquel Nottingham and Freddy Lopez

Landslides have been and will be a perpetual and reoccurring hazard worldwide. The extent of damage can range from minor losses in forested areas to complete death and devastation in cities. South and Central American countries are particularly vulnerable to landslides. In 2001 a strong earthquake hit the region and devastated El Salvador, particularly the Santa Tecla region where thousands of people died. Mitigation is the key to success for landslides and it has been made possible in different ways. This paper discusses the failure and proposes a solution using Ischebeck Titan self-drilling soil nails with a high-strength reinforcing mesh on the slope surface.

Geotechnics • Natural disaster • Landslide • Risk • Reinforcement • Micropiles • El Salvador 

   Tunnelling/Product News   

Fischer heavy-duty fixings secure Świna Tunnel on Poland’s Baltic Coast

Fischer Group

Poland’s longest underwater tunnel thus far, the Świna Tunnel, is currently being built between the islands of Uznam and Wolin in the city of Świnoujście. The tunnel below the river Świna will connect the coastal region more closely to the rest of the country and the world. More than 50,000 heavy-duty fixings by fischer have been used to reinforce the tunnel.

Tunnelling • Fixing technology • Anchoring • Concrete • Approval • Services • Poland


Malaysian Tunneller makes clean Sweep of Global Tunnelling Awards in 2021

MMC Gamuda

The major project KVMRT Putrajaya Line in Malaysia has been recognised by prestigious industry awards. MMC Gamuda could demonstrate its extensive experience in managing all phases from engineering, to procurement , construction, and comissioning.

Tunnelling • Award • Mega project • HSE • TBM • Innovation • Malaysia


Despite Corona: STUVA Conference 2021 a complete Success


With well over 1,000 registered participants, numerous exhibitors and hundreds of trade visitors, the STUVA Conference 2021 at Messe Karlsruhe did not set a new attendance record, but in view of the pandemic situation the number of participants was overwhelming.

Tunnelling • Event • Conference • Exhibition

   Tunnelling/Product News   

Always on track with VirtuRail – flexible, emmission-free Alternative to track-bound Transport Systems

Christoph Müller

Automated trackless trains and vehicles offer efficient, flexible and emission-free transport solutions for tunnelling and mining.

Tunnelling • Mining • Transport system • Logistics • Innovation • Sustainability


Increasing the Resilience of Underground Public Transportation Systems

Christian Thienert, Christophe Willmann, Christophe Chaize and Annie Pauzie

This paper presents some interesting results from the research project “U-THREAT”, which has intensively dealt with the question of how to further increase the resilience of underground public transportation systems in crises. It includes a corresponding evaluation within the framework of a large-scale exercise in the Lyon metro (France) combining a fire fighting and an evacuation exercise and the communication between different institutions and actors.

Tunnelling • Research • Public transportation • Metro • Resilience • France

   Ideas Workshop/Mining/Tunnelling/Geotechnics   

The mining-equipment Suppliers of NRW are helping to shape sustainable Development in many Sectors – even in China

Peter von Hartlieb

SMEs have the expertise and commitment to innovation that is needed to tackle the challenges that now face our society. They can contribute to sustainability in many sectors of industry around the world, even in China, as highlighted by these examples of the work of SMEs based in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Mining • Tunnelling • Geotechnics • Ideas workshop• Sustainability • SMEs • China • Global • Innovation • Machinery

   Geotechnics/Mining/Product News   

Mining to extract Gold – Groundwater Protection with HDPE Geomembranes

agru Kunststofftechnik m.b.H.

Dump leaching is used in an opencast mine in Kazakhstan. In order to protect the groundwater, a large area had to be sealed with geomembranes against aggressive media.

Mining • Geotechnics • Tailings • Sealing • Groundwater protection • Geosynthetics


Sustainable Solutions from Rolls-Royce for Mining

Rolf Behrens and Silke Rockenstein

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is a provider of sustainable power solutions for, among others the mining industry. The company helps customers to reduce emissions and to achieve climate neutrality. Rolls-Royce Power Systems is on a development path from engine manufacturer to system provider. This article describes the application of sustainable fuels and carbon-free technologies in mining.

Mining • Sustainability • Innovation • Operation • Energy supply


Possible Effects of Dust and harmful Gases on Underground Fans

Jens Kegenhoff

Ventilating fans intended for use below ground have to be deemed ‘fit for purpose’ and they must be designed in a way that takes account of the proposed operating conditions. Practical experience with fan systems has pointed to the negative impact created by dust and gases, a factor that is often overlooked at the equipment planning and assessment stage.

Mining • Tunnelling • Mine fans • Sustainability • Efficiency


Innovative Planning Method for curved ­Overland Conveyors

Beumer Group

Innovative components, precise calculation methods, many years of experience and digital planning tools optimise belt conveyor systems for bulk materials and expand their areas of application in the mining and other industries.

Mining • Industry • Bulk material • Design • Belt conveyor systems • Sustainability • International


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