New Drains for Singapore

In Singapore, a Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine (EPB Shield, Ø 5,250 mm) excavated two large drains for the Stamford Diversion Canal. The challenge: winding bottlenecks and an inner-city drive in one of the most densely populated cities in the world.


Bundesminister Peter Altmaier besucht Tunnelbohrspezialisten Herrenknecht


Die Herrenknecht AG empfängt den Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Energie Peter Altmaier im Werk Schwanau. Am gestrigen Dienstag stellte Unternehmensgründer und Vorstandsvorsitzende Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht dem Bundesminister das Unternehmen und das globale Projektgeschäft vor. Die Energiewende sowie die weltweiten Marktherausforderungen für das Unternehmen standen als Gesprächsthemen im Vordergrund.


About-turn for „SUSE“ in the Filder Tunnel


In late July the moment has come: tunnel boring machine "SUSE" (Ø 10,820 mm) has completely excavated the western tube of the Filder Tunnel. Now, in a specially built cavern, the approximately 120 meter long Multi-mode TBM from Herrenknecht is disassembled into individual parts and turned around underground. From the fall of 2018 it is due to commence excavation work in the remaining 3.4 kilometer section of the eastern tube.


Bossler Tunnel in Germany: »Käthchen« achieves Breakthrough


The site crew working with tunnel boring machine »Käthchen« (»Katie«) has completed the second tube of the Bossler tunnel. The breakthrough near Mühlhausen im Tale in Baden-Württemberg is another milestone in the construction of the Stuttgart-Wendlingen-Ulm railway line. The Bossler Tunnel is part of the Stuttgart-Ulm railway project and is expected to go into operation in 2022.
Construction of the two tubes was carried out differently than initially planned. The TBM (Ø 11,340 mm) was able to excavate almost the entire route. At up to 38 meters per day, the work progressed extremely quickly.

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