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Herrenknecht expands Board of Management

The Supervisory Board and Board of Management have initiated a generational change in the top management of Herrenknecht AG, headquartered in Schwanau (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). With effect from August 1, 2014 the senior management executives Günter Richter (54), Ulrich Schaffhauser (50) and Michael Sprang (36) have risen to the ranks of top management as Deputy Members of the Board of Management. They thus join the long-standing Board of Management team around Chairman and company founder Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht (72), Vice Chairman Gebhard Lehmann (62) and Chief Financial Officer Kurt Stiefel (58). The existing Board of Management members have held their positions since the transformation of the limited liability company Herrenknecht GmbH into a stock corporation on July 31, 1998. Together they took the Herrenknecht Group to market leadership in mechanized tunnelling worldwide (annual sales 2013: 1,051 million Euros).


Metrostav: Preparation for Driving the Ejpovice Tunnels in Progress

The first segment lining ring for the Ejpovice railway tunnels, which form part of the modernized railway line Rokycany – Pilsen, has recently been manufactured by Metrostav personnel in West-Bohemian Prefa Dýšina near the construction site. Production started after successfully testing the steel-fiber-reinforced concrete precast components by the Klokner Institute of CTU Prague.


Hochtief baut Tunnel-Großprojekt in Tirol für 132 Mio. Euro

Hochtief Solutions erhielt von der Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn GmbH - bestehend aus der Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, der Engadiner Kraftwerke AG sowie der Verbund AG - den Zuschlag für den Bau des Triebwasserwegs Maria Stein. Das Projekt ist wesentlicher Teil des Gemeinschaftskraftwerks Inn. Der Auftragswert liegt bei 132 Mio. Euro. Das Baulos umfasst den Vortrieb eines mehr als 22 Kilometer langen Druckstollens, und es ist das größte und bedeutendste der insgesamt drei Baulose des Wasserkraftwerks am Inn. Der Stollen wird Mitte 2018 fertiggestellt.


Strabag solidifies Presence in Canada with winning Bid to build Outfall Tunnel

Publicly-listed construction group Strabag has secured a new contract in Canada: In its winning tender, the company agreed to build the Mid-Halton Outfall Tunnel for CAD 79 million (approx. € 54 million). The project centres on the excavation of two 60 m deep shafts and a 6.3 km rock-bored tunnel that is designed to carry treated effluent water from the water treatment plant in Oakville into Lake Ontario.


A Milestone at the Stuttgart Site - Filder Tunnel Kick-off

Filder Tunnel: TBM Kick-off (Photo: Reiner Pfisterer)

TBM "Suse" Filder Tunnel: Kick-off (Photo: Reiner Pfisterer)

A new phase has begun in the construction of Stuttgart's underground railway station as political and business representatives celebrated commencement of construction of the Filder Tunnel on Thursday. At the event, CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG, Dr. Rüdiger Grube, claimed: "Construction of the Filder Tunnel is a technical masterpiece highlighting German engineering all over the world."


Small Diameter Double Shield TBM carves some of USA’s hardest Rock

A Robbins 2.2 m (7.3 ft) Double Shield TBM, original built in 1998, completed its seventh tunnel on May 8, 2014.A Robbins 2.2 m (7.3 ft) Double Shield TBM, original built in 1998, completed its seventh tunnel on May 8, 2014.

A Robbins Double Shield TBM set an unofficial North American record for TBMs in the 2 to 3 m (6.5 to 9.8 ft) size class by excavating rock in excess of 345 MPa (50,000 psi) UCS.
The veteran machine was originally built in 1998 for a wastewater tunnel in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The breakthrough at the Corbalis to Fox Mill Water Main in Fairfax, VA, USA is the TBM’s seventh tunnel.
Southland Contracting took over the job after a Lovat-built Double Shield became stuck in the hard rock, starting the Robbins machine at the 730 m (2,400 ft) mark
Crews battled heat generation and high cutter wear, working in two 10-hour shifts at rates of 3.7 to 4.0 m (12 to 13 ft) per day.


Longest Tunnel in Ireland reaches its Destination

The longest tunnel ever built in Ireland has just been completed in Co. Mayo. The 4.9 km tunnel, (which is 300 m longer than Dublin’s Port Tunnel) has been under construction since January 2013. The tunnel runs under Sruwaddacon Bay, a special area of conservation (SAC), and will house a key onshore section of the Corrib gas pipeline. The tunnel will be used to connect the previously laid 83 km offshore pipeline from the Corrib Field to the Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Processing Terminal.


Onsite Assembly Makes for On-Time Breakthrough in Ohio

A Robbins Double Shield TBM broke through at the Black River Tunnel Project on April 29, 2014. A Robbins Double Shield TBM broke through at the Black River Tunnel Project on April 29, 2014. The project marks the first use of Onsite First Time Assembly (OFTA) in the United States. Project geology consisting of soft shale made for great advance rates and minimal cutter wear − only seven cutters were changed during excavation. The creation of local jobs by contractor Super Excavators boosted the town of Lorain’s local economy. A unique tunnel lining method of ring beams and lagging was used, instead of segments.

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