Herrenknecht Tunnel Boring Machines are cutting Tunnels through the Hard Rock of the Pyrenees

Two high-tech Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines completed an endurance test with bravura during long-distance tunnelling through the Pyrenees. After a total of 8.2km tunnelling through hard rock, the target line was reached with the final breakthrough in April 2013. The resulting cross-border tunnel project will be used for a high-voltage line to connect the French and Spanish electricity network with each other.


Herrenknecht: Fast and Safe trough WUXI - Eight tunnel boring machines excavated almost 16 kilometers of tunnel in only 20 months

Eight tunnel boring machines from Herrenknecht excavated almost 16 kilometers of tunnel in only 20 months, crossing beneath the emerging metropolis of Wuxi. The machines mastered challenging tunnelling stretches with small overburdens. The last breakthrough, for the time being, was celebrated on March 3, 2013. The first two metro lines in the 3000 year old town on Taihu Lake near Shanghai are expected to start operation in 2014. A total of 5 metro lines are planned.

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