Metrostav: Special Tunneling Machine Victoria ready to set to Work in Czech Republic

In observance of a time-honored tradition, a statue of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of all miners, has been placed in the portal of a new tunnel that will be bored in Ejpovice, Czech Republic. Attended by top executives from the Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Metrostav and Subterra corporations, the ceremony also included the christening of a special, more than 110-meter long TBM S-799 tunnel boring machine, before it begins cutting through the Homolka and Chlum hills to bore the two longest tunnels in the Czech Republic. Each will measure more than four kilometers in length.


BAM wins Contract for Swiss Railway Tunnel

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, the German tunnel specialist of Royal BAM Group, has won a joint venture contract for the construction of the 2.6 kilometer long Eppenberg Tunnel in Switzerland. The joint venture partner is the Swiss contractor Marti. The share of Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau is over €35 million. The two-lane tunnel is an important element in the Olten-Aarau railway (halfway between Basel and Zurich), which is currently being widened to four tracks by the Swiss government and the Swiss railway company SBB.


Urban Tunneling: Robust Robbins EPB begins Light Rail Link

Robbins: EPB North Link Seattle

Tucked away on a small jobsite in a quiet neighborhood bordering a busy interstate highway, a Robbins Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machine underwent Onsite First Time Assembly (OFTA). The OFTA method allows for TBMs to be initially assembled onsite, and results in time and cost savings to the contractor. On Monday, November 17, 2014 unbeknownst to commuters driving by, the 6.65 m (21.8 ft) TBM rumbled to life and began its journey south into the city of Seattle, Washington, USA.


World Record for Las Vegas: mechanized Tunnelling with Herrenknecht TBM under high Pressure

Herrenknecht Lake Mead TBM

In the U.S. state of Nevada, a machine from Herrenknecht has bored a tunnel for the Las Vegas water supply. In the process, new world records were set: the high-tech boring machine (Ø7.2 meter) had to withstand water pressure of 15 bar. The city draws its water from Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country. But its water level is dropping, the existing water intakes are at risk. In order to tap the water deep down in the lake in future, for three years the tunnel boring machine bored its way through extremely adverse ground conditions.


Tunnel to Wonderland: Herrenknecht TBM Alice starts second Drive

Herrenknecht: Target Shaft Waterview Connection New Zealand

Foto: Herrenknecht, Waterview Connection, New Zealand, Target Shaft

In mid-December, one of the world's largest tunnel boring machines started its second drive for the large-scale "Waterview Connection" project in Auckland, New Zealand. The first 2.4 km long tunnel was completed in September after only eleven months. In the heart of the metropolis, the Herrenknecht EPB Shield S-764 is creating the shell for a road tunnel that will link two of the main State Highways together. In March 2013, Herrenknecht delivered the TBM to the companies Fletcher Construction, McConnell Dowell and Obayashi.


Robbins up for the Challenge at Chennai Metro in India

Robbins: TBM Chennai-Metro in India

On July 8, 2014, a Robbins mixed ground EPB broke through at Chennai Metro, capping a challenging drive that saw a full spectrum of difficult conditions. The 1,063 m (0.66 mi) long drive for contractor Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. is part of Lot UAA-01 on Line 1 of the city’s metro, consisting of two parallel 1 km tunnels running from the Washermanpet area towards Chennai International Airport.


Light at the End of the Tunnels

Crossrail is building 21 kilometres of twin-bore tunnels under London to deliver the new railway. With nearly 90% of the running tunnels now complete, Crossrail is making good progress safely, on time and on budget.


Reconstruction of Czech Rokycany-Pilsen Railway Line: Information Center opened

A new Information Center was opened in the Pilsen Ejpovice Industrial Park, located between the municipalities of Kyšice and Dýšina, to provide information on the progress of the reconstruction of the railway line connecting the cities of Rokycany and Pilsen as well as various other important facts about the project. The facility was opened by the contractor, the Metrostav, Subterra, and MTÚ Rokycany – Pilsen Consortium, in the presence of representatives of the investor (Railway Infrastructure Administration), local government officials, and other guests.


Tunnelvortriebsmaschine am Fildertunnel mit Vortrieb und Ringbau gestartet

Betonfertigteile für Fildertunnel (Foto: Armin Kilgus)

Fertigteile für Fildertunnel (Foto: Armin Kilgus)


Suse, die Tunnelvortriebsmaschine, mit der der Fildertunnel aufgefahren wird, hat ihre Arbeit begonnen. Im ersten Vortriebsabschnitt bewegt sich die Maschine nun in der Oströhre, in dem später das Streckengleis Stuttgart–Ulm liegt, aus dem Startabschnitt am Filderportal bis nach Stuttgart-Hoffeld. Zunächst wird mit einer Vortriebsleistung von etwa fünf bis zehn Metern kalkuliert.


Neubaustrecke Wendlingen-Ulm: Maschinentaufe am Boßlertunnel

Deutsche Bahn: Albaufstieg Portal Aichelberg

Mit der Taufe der Tunnelvortriebsmaschine wurde der symbolische Startschuss für die Vortriebsarbeiten des Boßlertunnels am Portal Aichelberg gegeben. Von dort aus wird der rund 8,806 km lange Boßlertunnel in Richtung Filstal/Gruibingen mit einer 110 Meter langen und rund 2.500 Tonnen schweren Tunnelvortriebsmaschine aufgefahren.


Metrostav: TBM for Ejpovice Tunnel arrived on the Elbe River

After a 1,400 km and 14-day voyage, the main and most important parts of a new tunnel-boring machine arrived at the North Bohemian port of Lovosice. This tunnel-boring machine, the cutting head of which has a diameter of almost 10 metres, will be used by Metrostav to drive the longest Czech railway tunnel, the Ejpovice Tunnel on the line from Rokycany to Pilsen. It will be the first time that this modern technology, the priority of which is safety and minimising disruption to the surface above, will be used in the construction of tunnels for the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC).


Robbins pioneers TBMs in Mines

Robbins Company: TBM in Mines

The TBM was transported 2 km (1.2 mi) from one tunnel to the next by way of a 600 metric ton (661 US ton) lift that took the machine in two large sections.

In August 2014, major progress was made at a coal mine in Queensland, Australia, when a Robbins Dual Mode EPB/Rock TBM was successfully rolled out from the first of two access tunnels. The specialized machine is the first TBM to be used at a coal mine in Queensland, and there are many aspects of both the TBM and project that make it unique.

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